July/August 2019 Table of Contents


Operations Management
Beat the Clock Following a Data Breach
By Mark Brewer  
There are legal requirements your firm must meet after a breach — do you know what to do?

Legal Industry/Business Management
From Instinct to Analysis
By Erin Brereton 
Law firms are finding a data-driven approach may help them make decisions about budgeting, work distribution and a number of other factors.

Continuing Education Course
A Lesson in Leadership for Legal Management Professionals
By Natalie Loeb and Sarah Janosik, LCSW 
Extraordinary things can happen when legal managers increase self-awareness by seeking feedback.


Big Ideas: ALA President's Letter
Increase Your Leadership Acumen by Continuously Developing New Skills

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner 
Collaboration Tools in Legal: Myth or Reality?

Innovations: Fresh Thoughts for Managing
6 Steps for Increased Technology Leverage

Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil
The Meeting Owl: A Wise Choice for Videoconferences


Industry News: Legal Management Updates
Outside Counsel Guidelines, Operational Changes and Diversity



ALA Faces: Member and Chapter News
Anniversaries, Awards and Appointments
ALA Member Pens Memoir

At ALA: News About ALA
What's Happening at Headquarters?
Financial Statement