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January: On the Cover
Social Impact
One legacy of 2020 may be how legal organizations shift their focus more on social responsibility.

A public health crisis. Widespread civil unrest. Calls for social justice and systemic change. This backdrop of tensions over the past several months has prompted an examination of social responsibility commitments among many law firms. As the public focuses more on social issues, it’s natural that some clients will be looking for examples of how your firm is being socially responsible. A closer look at what some firms are doing uncovers a variety of ways that firms can work more closely with clients, enhance recruitment and diversity efforts, and make a direct impact in the community. Read more. 


The Gentle Pushback
How can firms satisfy continued client cost requests — and still stay solvent?

When in-house teams pulled back on outside legal spending during the Great Recession, the competition among law firms for the work that remained intensified. The legal services industry became a buyer’s market — and that mindset, for some, long outlasted the economic downturn. When firms find they can’t meet a fee request and provide quality legal services, informing the client can be a challenging prospect. The following approaches can help law firms effectively convey cost parameters, ensure operations remain profitable — and carefully preserve the client relationship. Read more.

Problem Partners
Help your firm leadership shift from underperformers to productive team members.

All firms have it. Firm leaders wish it would correct itself, but it won’t. Underperforming partners are a pain point for many firms. As professional advocates, attorneys refrain from showing weakness. This exacerbates the problem, as underperformers avoid asking for help and firm leaders avoid addressing the issue. But in your role you can help your firm leadership step up and address these issues. Read more.


Big Ideas
Looking Back To Move Foward 

BP Perspective
How AI Is Accelerating Progression Through Contract Management Maturity

How One Firm Enjoyed Growth in 2020

Test Drive
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G: Perfect for Our Tech Ego



Industry News
Increasing Access to Justice with Technology

Tips and Trends
Alternative Ways of Learning: Empower Your People To Excel by Offering Training That Meets Their Needs


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