Hiring a Legal Management Professional


The majority of lawyers had no intention of running a business when they decided to go to law school. But for most of them, especially managing partners and those in small and midsize firms, that’s exactly what they are doing — running a business.

Law firms are profitable when they deliver quality legal services to their clients in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. In order to do so, each person within the firm contributes to the client service process in ways that best utilize their skills and abilities. For lawyers, this means doing what they’re educated and trained to do: practice law.

The legal management professional contributes to client service and the firm’s bottom line by managing the business operations of the practice. Successful legal managers create processes and procedures that are needed for the firm to operate at peak efficiency — and its highest level of profitability. They bring professional management techniques to the practice of law.

When lawyers are spending time on administrative issues rather than practicing law, billable hours are lost … and that's where hiring a legal management professional can help! Law firms that employ a legal manager will find their lawyers are no longer mired in the day-to-day details of managing a firm and instead can fully focus on their legal duties.

The information provided here outlines how a firm can evaluate its need for a legal management professional, establish qualification guidelines, locate candidates, develop an employment package and define the legal manager's responsibilities. The following will help you be your own recruiter:

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