About the Job Bank

The Association of Legal Administrators online Job Bank connects law firms, corporations, governmental agencies and similar professional service organizations and recruiters with prospective candidates for non-lawyer positions. The job bank service offers two convenient ways to link employers and recruiters to potential employees:


Employers and eligible recruiters can advertise position openings to find qualified candidates.

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Job Seekers

Job Seekers can search through job advertisements placed by employers.

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The ALA Job Bank accepts and posts ads for legal management and administrative positions, as well as support staff positions such as legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals, law clerks and other non-lawyer positions. Job advertisements are also available for positions in professional service organizations (such as consulting and accounting firms) that require skills similar to those of a legal administrator or functional specialist. ALA accepts ads from individual employers and eligible recruiters, but is not currently posting ads for lawyers, or for management positions in service industries and retail settings. 


If you have questions about the Job Bank or need assistance with ordering a service, please contact the ALA  Marketing Operations Specialist at 847.267.1252 or through email.