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ALA Members Make the Difference

ALA members are critical to the success of their legal organizations. Our members are responsible for several vital roles within their law firms. From human resources and operations to strategy and finances, ALA members keep the business side of law firms running.

Since 1971, ALA has strived to give these professionals the support they need through education, networking and a community hub where they come to work out challenges and innovate together.

Our Strategic Direction

Our Board of Directors outlined the 2024–2026 Strategic Direction. Our core areas of focus for this are:

  • Member Experience
  • Education and Professional Development
  • Impact
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Innovation
Creating excellence. Driving innovation. Empowering leaders in law.
ALA is the catalyst for growth by providing:
• Diverse educational experiences.
• Engaged peer communities.
• Strategic solutions.
• Dynamic resources.
• Trusted networks.

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