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The demand for legal talent is high and your time is at a premium. Save time by posting ads that target the very audiences you are hoping to attract.

We accept ads for positions that focus on legal administration and the management of legal organizations, including positions in private law firms, legal service clinics, corporate legal departments, university legal departments, governmental legal agencies or any other organization engaged in the legal industry. Acceptable ads include practicing attorneys, legal managers and administrative positions, as well as support staff positions such as legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals and law clerks. Ads are also welcome for positions in professional service organizations (such as consulting and accounting firms) that require skills similar to those of a legal administrator or functional specialist.

Just a few notes about posting in the ALA Job Bank:

  • Ad text for available positions is written by you. It must be 5,000 characters or less.
  • Your ad will be posted in the Job Bank for four consecutive weeks.
  • ALA members pay $329 per ad; nonmembers pay $529. If your legal organization wishes to remain anonymous in the posting, you can add on our blind box service for an additional fee (members pay $169; nonmembers pay $269).

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If you still have questions, check out our FAQ page. You can also contact us at +1-847-267-1252 or [email protected].

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