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The Help You Need to Write Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions can be a challenge. But the more thought and detail provided in a job description upfront, the more beneficial it becomes during the hiring period and throughout the performance period. (Though this was written in 2018, much of the information is still applicable. An update is in progress.)

That ’s where our Job Description Toolkit can help. It was designed to help legal management professionals and their employers get their job descriptions written so they can find and hire the talent their legal operation needs.

This step-by-step guide includes sample job descriptions organized by the following areas: administrative, finance, human resources, intellectual property, legal support services, and marketing and technology.

We know every legal operation is different, but we hope these samples help you get started customizing your job description.

Best of all — it’s FREE for ALA members. (Just be sure you’re logged in.) Nonmembers pay $399. (Attention nonmembers: You can access all the benefits ALA has to offer for an annual dues fee of $439. Join our community today!)

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