Continue Your Professional Growth

Congratulations on earning your CLM designation! You are part of an elite group. Periodically, you'll need to recertify to keep up your credential. Here's the info you'll need. 

To retain your certification designation, you must continue your education with a minimum number of hours as described in the Recertification Information & Application and apply for Recertification every three (3) years based on your anniversary date.

Recertification Applications (see CLM Status tab) and Annual Maintenance fees (see CLM Status tab) can be processed online.

Recertification Information

An Annual Maintenance Fee (see CLM Status tab) is also required yearly on June 1, except in the year in which you are recertifying.

Paper Applications

Do you prefer to apply via paper? Here are links to the forms you need:

 CLM Retired StatusCLM Maintenance CLM Recertification
Member 1 x fee of $99

$59 due annually by your spring or fall certification date — except in the year in which you recertify.

$189 due every three years on your spring or fall certification date.



Current CLMs in good standing who are fully retired from the legal industry but wish to retain their connection to the CLM community may apply for the “CLM (Ret.)” designation. Fill out the Retired Status Application Form here.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CLM (Ret.) status, applicants must:

  • Be a current CLM in good standing at the time of application.
  • Have recertified at least once.
  • Be fully retired from the legal industry.
  • Be deriving less than 25% of income from any work activities, including consulting or freelancing.
  • Submit a qualifying application accompanied by a onetime nonrefundable $99 retired status fee.
Continuing Requirements
  • CLM (Ret.) designees are subject to the same Code of Ethics and same disciplinary actions as CLMs.
  • CLM (Ret.) designees must remain fully retired from the legal industry and derive less than 25% of income from any work activities, including consulting or freelancing.
  • CLM (Ret.) designees must notify ALA headquarters at [email protected] of any change in employment circumstances that would render the individual ineligible for CLM (Ret.) status (e.g., return to work activities that produce 25% or more of income, including consulting, or to working within the legal industry).
Rights and Privileges

Individuals granted CLM (Ret.) status may use CLM (Ret.) after their name, on social media, in correspondence, publications, speaking engagements and other public mentions to indicate their status as a Certified Legal Manager at the time of their retirement. CLM (Ret.) designees may not use the CLM designation without the (Ret.) suffix and may not portray themselves as a current CLM.

The CLM (Ret.) designation is for current CLMs in good standing who are fully retired from the legal industry but wish to retain their connection to the CLM community.

CLM Reactivation

Individuals who become CLM (Ret.) have the following options to reactivate their CLM designation:

  1. If the application for CLM reactivation is made within three years of the last date of being a CLM in good standing, the individual must submit the required number of hours to recertify to reactivate their CLM — i.e., they must follow all the Recertification Guidelines to maintain their CLM designation.
  2. If more than three years have passed since the last date of being a CLM in good standing, or if the requirements to reactivate are not met, the individual must reapply for the examination by meeting all employment, experience and educational requirements as described in the  CLM Information/Application Packet, and achieve a passing examination score.

CLMs are encouraged to think carefully before changing to CLM (Ret.) status. CLMs are encouraged to maintain active CLM status by regularly recertifying if they are not sure they will remain fully retired from the legal industry.