White Papers

ALA will produce several white papers in which we deliver knowledge and insights in critical areas within the business of law. These white papers will identify hot topics that are currently trending in the industry, provide detailed information and analysis of the topics’ impact, and outline actionable solutions.  

The goal is to have four to five white papers covering topics that fall within our knowledge areas of Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Legal Industry/Business Management, Communication and Organizational Management, and Operations Management. 

The following white papers are available for download.

2024 White Paper

"Generative Artificial Intelligence: Benefits and Risks to Law Firm" – January 2024 (Content effective as of September 2023.) 


2023 White Paper

2022 White Paper

2021 White Paper

2020 White Papers

2019 White Papers

2018 White Papers

Pages from the-changing-role-of-the-legal-secretary"The Changing Role of the Legal Secretary– October 2018
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2016 White Paper