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Build trust and establish your expertise by providing your thought leadership to ALA’s membership. Provide thought-provoking content and understanding of key issues that legal managers want to engage with by starting conversations that positions you as a credible source of knowledge, help, guidance and solutions.

Thought Leadership Sponsorship Opportunities

Solution Series Webcasts
ALA's Solutions Series webcasts provide unique subject matter expertise and business insights for law firms and are free to register. Bring new ideas to the legal marketplace by sponsoring a custom webcast designed to showcase your organization’s best practices for law firm success.


ALA Web-Based Courses (HR and Finance)
These six-week, instructor-led, online courses focus on financial management and human resources. Attendees can take both HR or financial management courses and earn a certificate.

ALA’s Compensation Surveys
The Compensation and Benefits Survey is the most comprehensive report that ALA puts together annually. With data from nearly 1,000 law firms across the country, compensation data is reported for more than 60 different positions in the final reports

ALA's Legal Management Talk podcasts feature exclusive interviews with industry thought leaders, conference speakers and Association members who are doing exciting things in the industry.


White Papers
These white papers identify hot topics that are currently trending in the industry, provide detailed information and analysis of the topics’ impact, and outline actionable solutions. 

Legal Management
Legal Management magazine is the definitive resource for ALA member news, content and solutions that apply to their firm's business operations.


Other ways to showcase your thought leadership:

To learn more about these thought leadership opportunities and how ALA can help position your company top of mind with our legal management members, please contact Fred Ullman, Director, Business Development at 847-267-1375 or [email protected].