Conference Recordings: Education for This Moment


Looking for great content from ALA's past events? We now have it all here for you on one easy-to-find page. Below you’ll discover education from our three main virtual events in 2020, as well as recordings from Regional and Annual Conferences from the last few years. Browse your options and learn at your pace, on your own time. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


2021 Virtual Conference Bundles

Missed one of our virtual or hybrid conferences? Or looking to review a particularly key session? Find 2021 conference recordings here.


The bundle from ALA's Virtual Master Class: A Framework for DEI&A includes all four session recordings from the live event. They show how and why the deliberate process of seeking and welcoming diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEI&A) is vital to your firm and helps you develop processes and policies that correspond with your specific goals and desired culture.

Not only is championing these ideas in your firm the right thing to do, it's also the prudent thing to do, as high-performing legal organizations have become more and more proactive in their DEI&A efforts. Your competitor may have a plan that attracts the rewarding clients and quality employees you want. There is a strong, proven business case for DEI&A that shows you will have increased productivity, more innovation, higher market share, increased employee satisfaction and longer retention. This Master Class provides a framework you and your firm can build off of.  




2020 Virtual Conference Bundles

Innumerable challenges arose for law firms in 2020, and the road ahead still isn’t clear. You need educational content that addresses those needs. ALA has you covered! We’ve packaged it together to make it easier and more affordable to access. Whether your focus is HR, operations/IT, finance, or communications and organizational management — or you just want an overarching look at the legal industry and business management — there’s a bundle ready for you.



Each bundle includes two session recordings from ALA Right Now: A Virtual Conference, plus a supporting webinar or Legal Management CE course. One of the two session recordings focuses on your work as a leader; the other presents actionable items for your firm.

The first bundle concentrates on managing risk with regards to your team and the organization as a whole. The second highlights remote working, including managing a remote working team and the implications for your firm. The last bundle zeroes in on mastering resilience, both personal and organizational. You also have an option to purchase all three bundles together at a discounted price.



As the legal industry continues to experience significant and rapid changes, it’s critical for leaders of legal organizations to master complex executive leadership and management skills. The recording bundles from this Master Class cover four topics: emotional intelligence, stress and conflict management, effective business communication, and embracing change.

We have curated the session recordings from the ALA Virtual Master Class: Critical Skills for Legal Management Success and combined them with webinars to offer learning opportunities to help you deepen your understanding and mastery of each topic. There is also a package of all four bundles available at a discounted price.



ALA has gathered together session recordings from ALA Today: The Virtual Conference, webinars, CE courses from Legal Management, and e-learning courses to ensure that legal managers have comprehensive education at their fingertips. Each bundle includes three offerings: a session recording and two supporting resources. Check out the packages, including the option to purchase all 11 bundles in one discounted package.



Past Conference Recordings

We recorded speakers sharing their sessions from select Regional and Annual Conferences from 2015–2019 and synced those recordings to their slide presentations. That means you get complete education on a variety of topics.