January 2019 Table of Contents


Human Resources Management
Constructing the Ideal Health and Wellness Initiative
By Erin Brereton
Find out what amenities firms are offering — and how to provide your employees with the best possible experience.

Human Resources Management 
5 Keys to Crafting Relevant Performance Reviews
By Drew Amoroso
Proper reviews are more than just a once-a-year check-in. Use these tips to make them more meaningful for your employees.


Big Ideas: A Message from ALA's President
For What You’re Worth

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner 
Telehealth: Elevating Your Firm’s Health and Wellness Initiatives

Diversity Dialogue: Broadening Business Perspectives  
5 Ways to Successfully Sponsor Women and Minority Employees

Marketing Matters: Boost Your Firm's Brand
The Top 5 Tips for Sponsorships and Charitable Contributions

Thinking Out Cloud: Translating Tech to Business
Resources to Make You Cloud-Battle Ready