October 2018 Table of Contents


Operations Management
Clients Turn Up the Heat on Cybersecurity
By Mark Brewer 
Expectations and regulations aren’t getting any easier to deal with. Here’s how your firm can learn to stand the heat and stay in the kitchen.

Legal Industry/Business Management 
AI Is Shaping the Way Law Firms Function
By Kylie Ora Lobell
New processes are freeing up valuable time and potentially improving bottom lines in law firms.

Operations Management
Could Data Encryption Be Your Last Line of Defense Against Hackers?
By Erin Brereton 
Some firms are using the technology to protect electronic communications and other files. Find out what it entails.


Big Ideas: ALA President's Letter

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner 
Decrypting Encryption in the Legal Environment

Innovations: Fresh Thoughts for Managing 
Information Rights Management: The Next Step in Information Governance and Security?

Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil
Technology to Go

Thinking Out Cloud: Translating Tech to Business
Getting Down to Cloud Basics