February 2019 Table of Contents


Continuing Education Course
The Risk of Idolizing False Profits
By Timothy B. Corcoran
This course will outline how modern law firm leaders are adapting to the changing times to become healthy, client-focused businesses.

Legal Industry/Business Management 
Beyond the Billable Hour
By Kylie Ora Lobell 
More than ever, firms need to find creative ways to generate revenue streams. Start by building up your attorneys. 


Big Ideas: A Message from ALA's Executive Director
Realigning Our Structure: An Inside Look at the Proposed Bylaw Changes

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner 
How Legal Document Management Can Increase Your Firm’s ROI

Innovations: Fresh Thoughts for Managing  
Storytelling and the Law Firm: How It Benefits Your Firm

Marketing Matters: Boost Your Firm's Brand
5 Business Development Basics for Associates

Test Drive: Gadget Review with Bill and Phil
The Pros and Cons of Facebook Portal  


Tips and Trends: Industry Advice and Developments
How Do We Prepare to Pass the Baton? Mentoring Leading to Successful Succession Planning 


ALA Faces: Member and Chapter News
Anniversaries, Awards and Appointments

At ALA: News About ALA
What’s Happening at Headquarters?