November/December 2018 Table of Contents


Human Resources Management
From Resist to Resilience
By Mary Kate Sheridan 
How to build strength and adaptability in today’s legal practice.

Human Resources Management 
Mental Health Matters
By Kylie Ora Lobell
Many firms are rife with stress. Ignoring the problem puts your employees and your firm at risk.

Legal Industry/Business Management 
How Delayed Retirement Can Help Your Firm
By Erin Brereton 
Find out how to position experienced attorneys to be the best resource.


Big Ideas: ALA Executive Director's Letter
You Responded; We Listened

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner 
The Operational Blind Spot: Making Improvements in Back-Office Administration

Diversity Dialogue: Broadening Business Perspectives  
Removing the Mask: Wearing Our True Identities Builds an Inclusive Culture

Innovations: Fresh Thoughts for Managing 
Information Rights Management: The Next Step in Information Governance and Security?

Marketing Matters: Boost Your Firm's Brand
The Top 5 Reasons Your Law Firm Can’t Cross-Sell

Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil
Let’s Examine the iPhone XS and Surface Go


Tips and Trends: Industry Advice and Developments 

Tips for Building International Business Partner Relationships


ALA Faces: Member and Chapter News
Anniversaries, Awards and Appointments

At ALA Faces: News About ALA
What's Happening at Headquarters