September 2016 Table of Contents


Communications and Organizational Management
Cultivating an Accountable Office
By Kylie Ora Lobell
Accountability breeds trust and productivity — here’s how to make it happen at your office

Legal Industry/Business Management
Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prospects Closer
By David H. Freeman
Techniques for staying connected to important targets

Legal Industry/Business Management
Mastering the Soft Sell
By Erin Brereton
An integrated approach can help grow your client list 

Continuing Education Course
The Ever-Evolving World of Legal Ethics
By Steve Wingert, CLM
Read the course. Take the quiz. Earn 1 credit hour. 


Big Ideas: ALA President's Letter

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner
Enhance Your Benefits to Attract the Best of the Best

Insure Your Success: Practical Tips You Need
The Important Details You Can’t Overlook

Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil
If Only It Packed Itself: Bluesmart Luggage


Industry News: Legal Management Updates
Facts and Stats
Stop Hiring the Best Applicants: Hire the Best Employees Instead

Tips and Trends: Industry Advice and Developments
Preventing Client Disputes with Technology

High Tech
New Products for Law Firms


ALA Faces: Member and Chapter News
Anniversaries, Awards and Appointments

At ALA: Association News and Events
What’s Happening at Headquarters