April 2016 Table of Contents


Operations Management
From Start to Successful Finish
By Erin Brereton
Steps to improve project management processes

Human Resources Management 
Influencing an Inclusive Culture for Women
By Caroline Turner and Stewart Hirsch
Your role in reducing unconscious gender bias

Human Resources Management 
The Benefits & Challenges of Hiring from Outside the Legal Industry
By Mike Lymer
Can pulling from a more diverse candidate pool give your firm an edge? 


Big Ideas: ALA President's Letter
Legal Matter Planning = Legal Project Management

Conference Preview
5 Things to Do in Los Angeles

Innovations: Fresh Thoughts for Managing
The Impact of Mobility on Legal Productivity

Insure Your Success: Practical Tips You Need
5 Change Strategies for Your Professional Liability Insurance

Millennial Mouthpiece: For the Emerging Workforce
Overcoming Law School Bias

Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil
Exploring the “Mahvelous” Galaxy S7 Edge


Industry News: Legal Management Updates
Facts and Stats
Teaching Disability Etiquette

Tips and Trends: Industry Advice and Developments
Growth Trends for 2016: A Disconnect Between Aspiration and Execution

High Tech
New Products for Law Firms


ALA Faces: Member and Chapter News 
Anniversaries, Awards and Appointments

At ALA: Association News and Events
What’s Happening at Headquarters