February 2017 Table of Contents


Financial Management
What’s Missing From Your Firm’s Financial Reporting Checklist
By Kylie Ora Lobell 
These items can help you identify errors while they are still relevant.

Financial Management
Due Process
By Erin Brereton 
To successfully collect what clients owe, firms need to clearly define their billing practices — and their breaking point.

Legal Industry/Business Management
The Billable Hour's Grip on Legal
By Jobst Elster 
Changing times have made the gold standard in legal billing less viable — but it’s not entirely obsolete. 


Big Ideas: ALA President's Letter
Elevate Your Position: Grab That Seat at the Table

BP Perspective: Insights From a Business Partner
10 Steps Every Law Firm Should Take to Protect Its Data and Create a Secure Environment

Innovations: Fresh Thoughts for Managing
What the Doctor Ordered: Procedure-Based Pricing for Law Firms

Insure Your Success: Practical Tips You Need
Professional Liability Limits: Avoid the Nightmare Scenario

Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil
Tech for the Year Ahead


Facts and Stats
Legal Management Updates

Industry News: Legal Management Updates
Opportunities for Paralegals and Consumers: The Limited License Legal Technician

Tips and Trends: Industry Advice and Developments
Understanding Credit Card Processing Can Help Maximize Your Firm’s Profitability