Annual Conference & Expo Planning Committee


Description: The Annual Conference Committee (ACC) will work with ALA staff and a third-party conference vendor to advise on the educational content and member experience for this premier event, as well as provide perspectives on potential marketing efforts.

Eligibility: This diverse committee will be representative of the thought leadership in the Association. The ACC will be comprised of a Chair and one representative from each of the following committees (identified as historically having natural involvement with planning necessities):

The Board of Directors may also include the perspective of the NextGen/First Five community (individuals with five or fewer years in the legal management profession) if not already represented in the above. Current members of the committee are ineligible to serve as ACC Chair the following year.

Committee Size: 7–8

Term: 1 year

Appointments per year: 7–8 (6 or 7 from other committees)

Expectations/In-Person Meetings: The Annual Conference & Expo Planning Committee may meet in-person on-site at the prior Annual Conference and at their Annual Conference. Service involves on-site duties at each conference, weekly or biweekly calls when planning education, monthly general conference or video calls, and individual committee member assignments. Applicants should have attended at least one previous Annual Conference & Expo.

Call for volunteers: Summer

Selections made: Fall

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Nicole Larson, CAE

2024 Committee Roster