Membership Development Committee

Description: We are a cross-section of passionate volunteers who evaluate, enhance and innovate the membership experience. We represent legal business professionals, to improve and deliver an inspired member experience.

The Membership Development Committee will focus on identification, development and implementation of strategies and tactics to advance ALA's goals and objectives related to membership. Membership development is important as a means to govern the organization and achieve its overall mission. It has become more challenging as a result of many factors influencing legal management and is now more critical in particular for these key reasons: 1) Member retirements outpacing new members, 2) law firm mergers, 3) increased competition, and 4) budget cuts.

The Membership Development Committee supports all tenets of the Association Strategic Direction, with an emphasis on:

  • Recruitment: The Membership Development Committee will work with ALA HQ staff to recommend goals, strategies and objectives for recruitment by analyzing market influences and trends affecting recruitment.
  • Retention: The Membership Development Committee will strive to build and strengthen member relations by working with ALA HQ staff and volunteers to determine and implement new ways to increase member value and satisfaction in relation to current member needs.
  • Engagement: The Membership Development Committee will help foster and build ALA spirit and community by working with ALA HQ staff, volunteers and resources to evaluate, enhance and influence a positive member experience.

Committee Size: 9-10

Term: 3 years

Appointments per year: 2-4

In-Person Meetings/Expectations: Attendance is required at the annual committee meeting which coincides with the ALA Annual Conference & Expo.  Members must be available for monthly and as-needed scheduled committee conference calls. Each committee member is assigned leadership roles for major projects to distribute the workload, and it is expected that committee members volunteer for assignments equally.

Eligibility: Membership on ALA committees is open to any regular member, associate member, business partner, consultant or other interested party whose knowledge, skills, and expertise is deemed useful to the work of the committee. Only regular members may serve as chair or chair-elect of committees. A keen interest in membership, commitment to the value of ALA, enjoyment in talking with other members/prospects, good follow-through and strategic vision are required.

Call for volunteers: Summer

Selections made: Fall

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Mike Donovan

Current Committee Roster

Membership Development Committee Plan of Work

Note: The Membership Development Committee will officially disband in May, 2024. Individuals interested in contributing to enhancing the value of ALA are encouraged to apply for service on the Member Value Committee or the Member Ambassador Committee