Executive Leadership Summit Planning Committee


Description: The committee will work with ALA staff and any contracted third-party vendor to plan the agenda and secure speakers for this two-day event. The event format is to include a limited number of experts who will present visionary concepts and trends followed by facilitated conversations where practical applications and peer sharing occur. In addition, exhibitors and sponsors delivering products or services relative to the needs of the targeted audience, senior executives, will be limited and by invitation only.

Composition: The volunteer positions will include a chair, plus two to three other members representing the highest leadership levels in their organizations, with at least one member from a firm with more than 100 attorneys. A board and staff liaison will also be assigned to the committee.

Term: The term runs from January 2023 through the post-event report submission (approximately 30 to 45 days after the event).

Expectations and Responsibilities: This committee will begin its planning immediately upon appointment and meet virtually as necessary until the conclusion of the event, including the submission of the post-event report. Committee members are expected to attend and participate in the event and share observations and experiences — including any concerns, successes and future considerations — with the Board of Directors.

Qualifications and General Responsibilities:

  • Must have attended at least one ALA conference.
  • Proficiency in written and verbal communication skills.
  • Commitment to the mission and strategic direction of the ALA.
  • Commitment to adhering to the ALA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Statement.
  • Continued commitment to professional development and advancing the mission of the ALA.  
  • Commitment to offering high-level, real-world business situations that appeal to experienced, executive-level members, including those with C-suite titles and other principal administrators using “director of” titles.
  • Commitment to providing CLM and other continuing education credits, if and when possible.  
  • Commitment to delivering creative networking opportunities.  

Chair Expectations: The chair is responsible for scheduling meetings, preparing an agenda, ensuring that notes are taken and uploaded to the online community, and submitting monthly updates and a post-event report to the Board.

Staff Liaison Expectations: This individual enhances the working and historical knowledge of the event and advises when scope exceeds budget or charter.

Board Liaison Expectations: The board liaison advises when the scope exceeds the charter or is outside the strategic direction, and acts as a conduit between the committee and the Board of Directors.

Call for Volunteers: This will be special and immediate/expedited (with qualifications as identified in this charter).

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Nicole Larson, CAE