Member Ambassador Committee


This committee will recruit, onboard, assign, and evaluate the Ambassador program. 

Expectations and Responsibilities: 

  • Quarterly video roundtables to exchange ideas.
  • Regular video training of new Ambassadors.
  • Plan in-person gatherings for volunteers in the program.
  • Follow up on assignments to ensure connections are made.
  • Conduct annual surveys of Ambassadors and Mentees to continually improve the program.
  • Assist staff with exploring, defining, and creating a database to manage assignments and commitments.
  • Train ambassadors and assist ALA-designated staff with pairing experienced members with new members. In addition, ALA staff will be responsible for introducing, connecting, and maintaining the ambassador program.  
 Qualifications and General Responsibilities: 
  • Engaged in ALA and understands the value of ALA.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Professional and collaborative.
  • Deliver twice-yearly reports noting trends and recommendations.  
Construct:  Size: 4–7 diverse and passionate volunteers. 2–4 volunteers will be appointed each year.  

Call for Volunteers: Summer 

Selection: Fall

Term: 2-year staggered term 

ALA Headquarters Liaison: ALA's Membership Team