IDEA Award 2018 Recipients

As the undisputed leader of the business of law, ALA members and chapters are encouraged to strive for excellence. ALA's IDEA Awards are presented to ALA chapters, committees, regions, individuals, firms, or organizations (including business partners) that create unique and innovative programs, services and events that improve our ALA chapters and/or legal communities. The IDEA Awards recognize new practices that deliver great value and transformational impact through innovative achievement.

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Northern Virginia Chapter

Friday Fast Five
Contact: Megan Pfeifle,

Inspired by ALA headquarters’ BOLD Bites newsletter, the Northern Virginia Chapter created a customizable weekly educational platform. Known as the Friday Fast Five, it delivers chapter-relevant industry news and professional tips in a quickly digestible format.

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Minnesota Chapter

ALAMN Challenge Coin
Contact: Sarah Evenson,

ALAMN found that many of its members could not articulate the chapter’s mission. To improve awareness of the mission and boost recognition of those who help fulfill it, the chapter created a simple, meaningful and tangible item: the ALAMN Challenge Coin. Challenge coins are commonly used in military and law-enforcement communities to identify membership and recognize achievements. Once the coins were manufactured, chapter board members were entitled to hand them out to members and business partners who the board determined have helped improve, promote or represent ALAMN.

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Wisconsin Chapter

WALA East vs. West Big Hearts Campaign
Contact: Mark Bridgeman,

The Big Hearts Campaign was born out of a need to make over the Wisconsin Chapter’s annual main event, for which attendance was dwindling. An organizing committee composed of chapter members and business partners conceived the competition, which pitted the East (Milwaukee) against the West (Madison). Each team was headed by a premier-level WALA business partner and raised money for its respective honor-flight charity, which sends veterans to Washington, D.C., to visit memorials.

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