Elevate ALA Award Criteria and Guidelines


The Elevate ALA Award recognizes up to three chapters whose efforts in professional development, networking and visibility demonstrate advancement in the areas of educational content, member-to-member and member-to-business-partner relationships, and ALA’s prominence in the legal community.ALA-2017-ELEVATE-Award-Logo

Any ALA chapter in good standing is eligible to enter. Only one entry will be accepted per chapter. The activities in the submission must have occurred during the chapter's 2020 fiscal year.

Submission Requirements
A written submission (essay), no more than 1,000 words in length, is required. All criteria included on the evaluation form must be addressed in the essay. In addition, the submission must address all three areas and include the details requested for each area.

Support materials that directly relate to the written narrative may be included. Support materials or samples not referenced in the essay will not be considered. There is no length restriction for support materials.

Section One: Professional Development
This section must describe how the chapter has elevated the educational content provided to its members. Details of any resources committed to elevating the chapter’s professional development content should be provided. Please include:

  • The percentage of annual revenues used for overall education offered to all members
  • A complete listing of all education offered through the chapter comprised of:
    • The date offered
    • Title/topic
    • Speaker
    • Length of program
    • Resources used (speaker fees and costs, member time spent planning and organizing the session, specifics about how the chapter promoted the educational offering)
  • Details on all scholarships/stipends awarded to chapter members to further their professional development, including:
    • A description of the criteria used for awarding the scholarship/stipend
    • The impact on the recipients’ engagement with the chapter and/or ALA
    • Total percentage of annual revenue the chapter allocated to professional development scholarships/stipends
    • Whether any chapter assistance is offered to those taking the Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® Exam

Section Two: Networking
This section must describe how the chapter has elevated member-to-member relationships as well as member-to-business-partner relationships. Please provide:

  • Details on any events held specifically to strengthen the relationships between members
  • Details of all initiatives/events with the business partners that strengthened relationships between ALA, the chapter and the business partners.
  • Describe any impact it has had on the members’ and business partners’ perceived value of ALA

Section Three: Visibility
This section must describe any initiatives the chapter has undertaken to elevate the visibility of ALA in the legal community. Please include:

  • Details on specific programs/events along with audiences reached and potential return on investment (ROI). (This may include participating/attendance at state bar events, strategic alliances, speaking engagements outside of ALA, marketing campaigns in publications, social media, etc.)
  • Details on how the chapter has elevated the recognition of its members, volunteers, CLMs and business partners within the chapter and/or legal community

Evaluation Criteria
The Awards Program Project Team will use established criteria to evaluate each submission.

Nominee Notification
The Elevate ALA Award will be awarded at the Association Awards Gala. Recipients of the Elevate ALA Award will not be notified in advance of the Association Awards Gala announcement.

Written submissions and all supporting documentation should be submitted using the entry form by January 4, 2021. Unless otherwise indicated in the submission materials, ALA headquarters staff will use the currently seated chapter president as the primary point of contact for any questions regarding submissions.

Contact [email protected] with any questions regarding this award.

Terms and Conditions

  • All submissions are final. No additions or changes are permitted to the entry after receipt by ALA headquarters.
  • All entries become property of ALA.
  • ALA may reproduce, reprint or highlight the entry either in full or in part in its communications and/or at its events.
  • ALA reserves and exercises the right to verify the accuracy of the entry. Supplying inaccurate information may lead to disqualification.
  • Awards will be presented only to entrants in good standing.