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Post-COVID-19 Remote Working Is Key to Law Firm Recruitment and Retention

  • May 13


Contact: April Campbell
Telephone: 847-267-1362
Email: [email protected]

Post-COVID-19 Remote Working Is Key to Law Firm Recruitment and Retention

(Chicago, IL) April 27, 2021 — The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) released its latest white paper from author Zuzana Geremes, MSLA. Through her analysis of various studies and her extensive research, she asserts that a strong recruitment and retention tool for law firms is allowing employees the potential to work remotely. 

“When the times change for the better once again, law firms will need to implement their growth plans to achieve future business goals, which inevitably include recruitment and retention goals. The practices law firms have adapted to get through the COVID-19 crisis — such as working remotely and videoconferencing — are expected to continue to be utilized to help law firms adjust, adapt and advance in a post-COVID-19 world,” says Geremes.

Pulling together facts, figures and data from outside sources, the author takes a careful look at how improved technology has allowed law firms to pivot and sustain operations throughout the pandemic. Likewise, she explores remote working benefits, including cost savings, an expanded candidate pool, accessibility for employees, and positive environmental effects.

According to Geremes’s research, “Eliminating or reducing commuter travel is the easiest and most effective way for a company or individual to reduce their carbon footprint. If those with a work-from-home-compatible job and a desire to work remotely did so just half the time, it’s estimated that the greenhouse gas reduction would be the equivalent to taking the entire New York State workforce off the road. For a 500-employee organization that allows telecommuting just half the time, the average environment/community annual savings would be over $270,000.”

She also acknowledges the perceived and potentially real disadvantages to remote working. In turn, she provides solutions on how to improve the odds for success despite these perceptions and fears.

“Research has demonstrated that telecommuting has a very real potential to make employees’ lives easier, free from the stress of daily commutes, and keep them productive when they cannot come to the office. This ultimately benefits the employers,” says Geremes.

This paper is available now on ALA’s website at

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