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Congratulations to the Worldwide Global Legal Hackathon 2018 Winners

  • Feb 28

The Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) team has just announced around 40 winners of the first stage of the weekend-long hacking event (please see list of winners below).

Aileen Schultz, who co-headed the massive GLH initiative, said that the hackathon had seen the following metrics in terms of participation:

  • The final numbers of participating cities: 40
  • The final number of participating countries: 22
  • The estimated final number of participants worldwide: upwards of 5,000
  • Estimated number of teams: around 600

Although the total number of participants is less than the hoped for 10,000 target, it is still an incredible achievement to go from zero to 5,000 people taking part in a hackathon, all around the world, in just three months.

The GLH was first announced by Artificial Lawyer on 4 December 2017. The GLH team said that after that story, ‘The World’s Largest Legal Hackathon, And You’re Invited‘, which first broke the news of the initiative, the team received dozens of messages of interest from all around the planet from Artificial Lawyer’s global readership. That in turn then helped kickstart the event on the worldwide scale that we witnessed last weekend.

So, whichever way one looks at this, the GLH has been a tremendous success and has got many hundreds of people involved in thinking about legal tech, product design, exploring new technology and focusing on problem-solving, that may not have done so before.

But, it’s not over yet. There is soon to be a round two (11 March) which will be ‘an opportunity for winners to continue working on their projects, improving the technology, running market research, seeking funding, and ensuring they’re working toward the development of real solutions’, said Schultz.

Then on 21 April there will be the grand finale in New York and the overall winner(s) will be announced.

If you’d like to see a list of the winners, please see below. Note: some of the info in the GLH’s table is clearly still in the process of being fed into the system and may not be 100% representative of how things stand. But, this is the info that the GLH team has gathered together so far from 40 different cities, so understandably it may not be complete yet. If you have updates, please contact Aileen Schultz at the GLH HQ.

Resource: Artificial Lawyer, "And the Worldwide GLH 2018 Winners Are…"

Congratulations to the ALA team who participated in the event with their idea: Using an ALA-developed code set to automatically capture and record process and task data to improve the efficiency, quality and value of delivering legal services. Continue reading to see all the winners.
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