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Association of Legal Administrators Announces Partnership with NESSO Strategies

  • Aug 10

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) announced today a partnership with NESSO Strategies to develop strategic leadership programs and interactive educational content for law firm leadership.

"High performance leadership is essential to success in today's legal environment,” states ALA Executive Director Oliver Yandle. “We are thrilled to partner with Nesso Strategies in delivering this engaging and insightful educational program."

The two organizations will collaborate and leverage respective strengths, ALA providing solutions to critical challenges faced by professionals in the legal business industry; and NESSO Strategies bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in successful leadership development and strategic business planning for law firms.

"We are delighted to partner with ALA,” says NESSO Strategies President Judy Hissong.  "To be able to create and deliver impactful leadership programs and content alongside the Association dedicated to legal management is an opportunity to elevate legal leaders and the law firms they work in.”

About NESSO Strategies

NESSO Strategies partners with law firms to develop people while focused on profit-oriented strategies required in the competitive business environment. NESSO looks for opportunities to elevate leadership in the legal environment, providing cutting edge attention to business practices so law firms move intentionally and consistently forward in their client relationships. For more information on NESSO Strategies, visit

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