Financial Management


Finance, Budgeting and the Secure Act 2.0

Doug Miller and Valerie Williams discuss finance, budgeting and the Secure Act 2.0.

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Financial Issues and Information

This roundtable was facilitated by ALA members Douglas Miller and Crystal Ludlow.

Internal controls and fraud prevention. Metrics that are red flags for you to investigate and other topics.  Handout 1Handout 2

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End-of-Year Process

The facilitator was Paul Mendelsohn, CPA. He has over 25 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for law firms, which he draws upon as a sole practitioner serving clients throughout the country.

  • What should law firms be concerned about in 2022? Compensation strategies for retention, office leases, capital expenditures, insurance, etc.
  • What should individuals be concerned about as 2021 ends and 2022 dawns? Retirement planning, savings and investment strategies, insurance, etc.
  • What tax changes are coming for both law firms and individuals?

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Outside Counsel Guidelines, Billing, E-Billing and Compliance

The Aderant team and your peers discussed outside counsel guidelines (OCG), billing, e-billing and compliance at this roundtable. This lively discussion focused on strategies for accepting and managing OCG across the firm — including engagement with attorneys, firm managers and billing staff — with the ultimate goal of improving collections realization and reducing invoice rejections. Attendees shared their challenges and successes.

This roundtable is perfect for financial management leaders and their staff. Attendees shared their challenges and successes among the group.

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The New Normal with a Focus on Financial Considerations

The roundtable was facilitated by Terri J. Oppelt, CLM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and Jennifer J. Bradshaw of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter.

  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • SBA loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Summer programs

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