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June: On the Cover

Social Media Struggles  
When employees post hateful or inappropriate comments that are considered racist, sexist or homophobic, they often go viral on social media. Where they work is often exposed, and suddenly a company can find itself dragged into the headlines. Where an employee posts doesn't matter — even if employees posted during their personal time, outside of business hours, it still can be grounds for dismissal. So what's an employer to do? Knowing what would qualify for disciplining or even letting an employee go is critical for law firms. Otherwise, they could get themselves into legal hot water. Read more


lm-june2019-sideimageThe Legal Industry Enters the Gig Economy 
Two in five organizations expect to increase their contingent workforce use by 2020, according to EY research; the legal industry, too, appears to be increasing its use of nonpermanent workers. One in seven lawyers said their law firm or legal department planned to outsource more legal matters to attorneys on a contract or project basis in a 2018 Robert Half Legal survey. Read more.


Lifting Low Morale
At a time when law firms are looking for new ways to address changing markets and shifting client expectations, much of the recent conversation has centered around things like legal technology, increasing productivity and maximizing efficiency. While these concepts are certainly a key element of the progress firms must make, many firms overlook the opportunity to address a fundamental theme that’s crucial for continued growth and development: employee morale. It’s no surprise that spending time and resources to address the mental and emotional wellness of employees results in a net positive for firms. The quality of day-to-day interactions and the culture that exists inside firms help to shape the creativity, longevity, productivity, confidence and enthusiasm of all members of a firm, attorneys and staff alike. Read more.



Big Ideas
A Message from ALA Executive Director Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE: Navigating the Murky Waters of Social Media  

BP Perspective
How Legal Technology Is Changing the Practice of Law

How Software Financing Helps Law Firms Stay Ahead

Marketing Matters
The Top 10 Rules for Client Endorsement 


Industry News
Law Firms Should Not Ignore Rumors About Workplace Sexual Harassment 

Tips and Trends
How to Craft a Meaningful Parental and Caregiver Leave Policy 


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