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October: On the Cover

Cyber Risk Management: The Vital Role of Legal Management Professionals

Law firms have become a major target of cybercriminals, making the protection of confidential information a major responsibility in the business of law. Firms now face increasing pressure from both clients and regulators to demonstrate they have implemented a current information security plan and are compliant with specific best practices for protecting against and responding to data breach incidents. This course will help legal management professionals better understand the risks, regulations and the important leadership role they have in cyber risk management within the firm. Read more


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Don't Take the Bait

A large global law firm with offices in more than 40 countries experienced a debilitating cyber attack in late June 2017. According to reports, the attack originated in the firm’s Ukraine office, where an administrator clicked on a malicious link that brought the firm to its knees for at least three days. While public evidence suggests that the attack did not result in the exposure of sensitive information, the firm sustained a significant business disruption and may have suffered reputational damage. But how many law firms can withstand three days of technical chaos in a deadline-driven environment?  Read more.


Tech Trends that Could Change How Firms Operate

The legal industry doesn’t seem to be shying away from adding new technology — tech investments reached a record amount, $1 billion, in 2018, according to a Wolters Kluwer survey. More than half (53%) of U.S. and European attorneys say their organization’s technology investment will increase within the next three years. When it comes to transformational newer tools — virtual reality or artificial intelligence (AI), for example — lawyers generally acknowledge they can be beneficial, but a number report resistance to adopting them. Lack of knowledge is a major factor. Less than a quarter of attorneys say they understand machine learning, AI or blockchain technologies very well. Read more.



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