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October: On the Cover

AI Is Shaping the Way Law Firms Function
New processes are freeing up valuable time and potentially improving bottom lines in law firms.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has definitely become a media buzzword. But businesses truly are utilizing AI to perform tasks more quickly and gain deeper insight into their customers and clients. To use AI effectively in your own law firms, you need to understand the basics. Learn about AI and how it can help you improve your firm’s own performance. Read article.


lm-oct20182-omfeatureOM Feature: Clients Turn Up the Heat on Cybersecurity

Expectations and regulations aren’t getting any easier to deal with. Cybersecurity has been a hot topic for law firms for some time. But as regulations and other requirements grow, clients are ratcheting up their expectations for law firms to keep their data secure. Here’s how your firm can learn to stand the heat and stay in the kitchen. Read more.

OM Feature: Could Data Encryption Be Your Last Line of Defense Against Hackers?

With pending financial transactions, Social Security numbers and other potentially lucrative pieces of information whirring back and forth in attorney and client emails and residing in documents on servers, law firms can be particularly tempting targets for cybercriminals. Some firms are using encryption technology to protect electronic communications and other files.  Read more


Big Ideas
A Message from ALA's President, April Campbell, JD: Fore!  

BP Perspective
Decrypting Encryption in the Legal Environment

Information Rights Management: The Next Step in Information Governance and Security?

Thinking Out Cloud
Getting Down to Cloud Basics 

Test Drive
Technology to Go

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