ALA Membership Justification Toolkit

You’ve entered the world of legal management and now you are looking for an Association that meets your needs. You’ve landed in the right place. The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) and its more than 9,000 members are the network you need to help you grow your career. 

You may have a clear picture of why membership is essential for you, but you may need some additional resources to bring to your organization or firm to convince the leaders as well. ALA has created this Justification Toolkit to help you build your business case for your manager or supervisor to cover your dues. 

3 Steps for Getting Your Manager’s Approval

STEP 1: Identify Your Manager’s/Firm’s Need for ALA.To justify the cost of your membership, you’ll need to convey the connection between the information and skill requirements of your firm and the resources and knowledge ALA offers to fill those needs [see attached Benefits of ALA Membership PDF].

STEP 2: Quantify the ROI of Your Membership.To justify the investment of your ALA membership, you should prepare yourself with the Benefits of ALA Membership talking points [see attached Benefits of ALA Membership Elevator Speech PDF].

STEP 3: Present Your Business Case for Membership to ALA in a Letter to Your Approving Manager. Now that you have thought about the direct benefits to your firm and the associated costs, write a letter to your approving manager to support your attendance. [see attached Letter to Decision Maker]

What Our Members Are Saying

“Joining ALA has been one of the best career decisions I have ever made. My world has opened to an amazing group of people who welcomed me wholeheartedly.”  – Lori Dodge, CLM, SHRM-CP

“ALA is an unbelievable resource for a broad variety of topics. Learning and professional development opportunities, camaraderie and creative, fun networking opportunities make the Richmond Chapter a joy! I encourage anyone interested in finding out what ALA is about to take advantage.” – Dena Wengert, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

“My 25+ years of ALA membership have been vital to my professional growth and success. The endless opportunities for networking, peer-to-peer learning and continuing education are only a few of the benefits of membership! Most important are the many friendships and mentors that I have gained.” – Kimberly King