Message from the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee


The ALA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee aims to serve as inclusion and diversity advocates for the advancement and expansion of underrepresented groups in the Association, legal practice environments, and ALA constituent organizations.

Inclusion, diversity and equity have become more than just a business imperative and it is critical for all of us in the ALA community to promote the benefits of building diverse and inclusive organizations that reflect the changing face of the entire legal industry and the communities we serve.

Together with your help and support, the committee will accomplish this by acting as advocates and champions for, and providing thought leadership in, inclusion, diversity and equity in the legal community; increasing awareness of, and sensitivity to, the desirability of differences within our workforce; providing high-level and focused educational content; developing and providing a broad inventory of tools and resources; and by striving to achieve greater inclusiveness and diversity within the Association and our entire legal community.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee strives to be the primary resource for all diversity practitioners within the business of law. Our strategic plan covers three main areas of focus:

1. Education

  • Conduct onsite and/or remote chapter and law firm presentations and programs.
  • Provide current resources, articles, and videos through our social media platforms and committee page on the ALA website.
  • Assist with answers to D&I related questions posed by chapters and individual members.
  • Provide Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® credits for participation at ALA D&I workshops and programs.

2. Promoting Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

  • Promote awareness regarding D&I topics offered by ALA.
  • Work with ALA constituent organizations for the advancement of a more diverse, inclusive and equitable legal profession.
  • Encourage D&I volunteerism and community service.
  • Recommend and encourage diversity on all ALA committees and leadership positions.

3. Achieving Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

  • Promote and assist diversity and inclusion committees within each ALA chapter.
  • Assist law firms and legal practice environments with policies, educational content and programming.
  • Build alliances with outside diversity organizations in the legal community.
  • Receive feedback and explore channels for improvement from ALA members and business partners.

For our Committee to succeed, we need the involvement of all ALA members and business partners, so we invite you to be part of this conversation. If you have any questions or would like additional information on inclusion, diversity and equity at ALA, please feel free to contact me or any one of our Committee members.

edited mazzeo_jessica-2020-05Jessica L. Mazzeo
Chair, 2020–2021
Chief Operating Officer, Griesing Law, LLC