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Study Guide for the CLM Exam

The Study Guide for the CLM Exam Practice Questions, Preparation and Reviews was designed to help you prepare effectively to earn the prestigious Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® credential. The study guide presents comprehensive information relating to the four functional areas covered in the exam, along with review questions and a 100-item practice exam.  

Features of this resource include:

  • A focus on real-world issues faced by legal managers
  • The CLM Content Outline of the Body of Knowledge (also known as the test blueprint)
  • Review questions and answers for each subject area
  • A practice exam that follows the test blueprint
  • A comprehensive list of terms and definitions
  • Tips for creating a personalized study plan
  • Tips for preparing for an online exam                                                  

Use the Study Guide for the CLM Exam Practice Questions, Preparation and Reviews as a complement and guide to your individual preparation or as a resource for your study group.

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Certified Legal Manager (CLM), A Good Start

Enhance your preparation for the Certified Legal Manager (CLM)SM exam with CLM recommended resources for test applicants.

HR and Finance
Together, Financial Management (30%) and Human Resources Management (35%) account for over half of the body of knowledge emphasized on the exam. Deepen your knowledge of these areas with two suggested CLM resources:
  • Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management, Fifth Edition
  • Human Resource Management, 15th Edition

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Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Negotiation and compromise are two great tools to end conflict and reach consensus. Learn how to lead your firm through difficult discussions and achieve an environment that is supportive and efficient. Author: R. Fisher and W. Ury. 200 pages.

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Human Resource Management, 15th Edition

Covering everything from hiring and developing employees to executive compensation to employee safety and security, Human Resource Management is cited as suggested reading in preparing for the Certified Legal Manager (CLM)SM examination. Author: Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson.

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Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management, Sixth Edition

Get Fast Answers. Expert Analysis. Key Concepts and Case Law. Plus, no accounting experience required! Whether you are a partner in a law firm or a law firm CFO, you can profit from financial reporting techniques and strategies designed specifically for law firms. Author: John P. Quinn, Joseph A. Bailey, David E. Gaulin and Stanley Kolodziejczak. 1000 pages.

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