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Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers

Until a few years ago, only the largest firms could afford to engage an audience of millions. Now, lawyers in any size firm can reach a global audience at little to no cost--all because of blogs. An effective blog can help you promote your practice, become more "findable" online, and take charge of how you are perceived by clients, journalists and anyone who uses the Internet. Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers will show you how to create, maintain, and improve a legal blog--and gain new business opportunities along the way.

In just one hour, you will learn to:
  • Set up a blog quickly and easily
  • Write blog posts that will attract clients
  • Choose from various hosting options like Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress
  • Make your blog friendly to search engines, increasing your ranking
  • Tweak the design of your blog by adding customized banners and colors
  • Easily send notice of your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter
  • Monitor your blog's traffic with Google Analytics and other tools
  • Avoid ethics problems that may result from having a legal blog

Member: $24.95
Nonmember: $39.95

Innovating for Competitive Advantage in the Legal Profession

Innovation. How to go about it, what it can do for your business – what even is it? Can innovation be applied in the legal environment?

Such is the interest and appetite for legal innovation that, in the last 18 months, ARK has published over a dozen titles with innovation in their remit, covering everything from knowledge management to pricing, from marketing to recruitment, and everything in between.

This compilation deep-dives into the key areas that drive innovation forward in the legal profession, combining the views and experiences of 14 leaders in their fields.

Member: $195.00
Non Member: $295.00

Job Description Toolkit

ALA's Job Description Toolkit was designed to assist legal management professionals and their employer organizations in drafting job descriptions using the ALA Uniform Process Based Management System (UPBMS) taxonomy classification/codes.

It provides a step-by-step guide for writing job descriptions, including sample job descriptions organized by the following areas: Administrative, Finance, Human Resources, Intellectual Property, Legal Support Services, and Marketing and Technology.

Features of this resource include:

  • A guide on creating job descriptions that apply the UPBMS taxonomy
  • A list of resources and tools to use when writing job descriptions
  • A sample of job descriptions using the UPBMS

Member: No Cost

Nonmember: $ 399.00

Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers

The legal community is notorious for generating paper--and lots of it. But lawyers can save time and money by transitioning to a paperless office. Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers will show even the most committed paper devotees how to run their law offices digitally.

In just one hour, you will learn to:

  • Get your colleagues and staff on board
  • Analyze your current paper workflow and set new goals
  • Assess your hardware, software, and app needs
  • Become a PDF expert
  • Develop or acquire a document management system
  • Make cloud-based storage work for you
  • Work on-the-go with mobile technology
  • Set up a virtual law office or client portal
  • Understand the ethics considerations of a paperless practice
  • And much more!

Member: $39.95
Nonmember: $49.95

Past Compensation and Benefits Survey (2018)

As law firm staffing becomes even more competitive, legal professionals need current market intelligence to attract top talent. ALA's 2018 Compensation & Benefits Survey will include the most relevant benchmark data, including:

  • Associate Attorney and Summer Associate positions added
  • More staff positions, including specialists for eDiscovery, privacy and cybersecurity
  • Staffing ratios and office best practices
  • Firm size
  • Comparative salary and benefits nationally and locally with extensive local detail
  • Easy prior-year comparisons if you purchase the 2017 report
Member participant: $299
Member nonparticipant: $549
Nonmember participant: $399
Nonmember nonparticipant: $759