Roundtables and Webinars



In response to the upheaval surrounding the killing of George Floyd and resulting worldwide protests against racism, ALA has collaborated with the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion to develop roundtables to facilitate discussion and learning among our members. They are modeled after the COVID-19 roundtables found here.
On-demand: Ongoing Social Unrest in America
Originally aired June 26

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from attendees of the June 12 roundtable (see below), ALA is excited to continue the conversation. On Friday, June 26, we hosted another roundtable about the ongoing social unrest in America. This open discussion was facilitated by Roger A. Meertins, SPHR, and Chassidy C. Deckard, SHRM-CP, of ALA’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI).

ALA and the CDI want to walk the walk and #AmplifyMelanatedVoices, so if you have a story to tell, have a lesson to share or simply want a platform so your voice can be heard, please submit a short summary here. We also encourage everyone — including those who cannot attend live, since the session will be recorded — to submit questions, suggestions or comments in advance, also on this form. We will do our best to include everyone's submissions during the roundtable. Please note that all submissions will be anonymous.

On-demand: The Social Unrest in America
Originally aired June 12

This roundtable was facilitated by Chair Jessica Mazzeo and the rest of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.