Defining Our Identity

Thank you!

A big “thank you” to almost 1,300 members who participated in the Defining Our Identity survey. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Over the coming weeks, the Board of Directors and ALA staff will be compiling and reviewing the online survey results in order to move into the next step in the Defining Our Identity initiative:

  • Perform data analysis, develop conclusions, draft summary report

  • Share summary report with Membership

  • Define the envisioned identity

  • Quantify the gap between the current and desired identities

As a follow-up to the survey, throughout the next four months, ALA Chapter Leaders and Regional Directors will hold interactive discussions to capture even more feedback from our members. If you did not complete the survey, be sure to ask your chapter for the next opportunity to provide your input!

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ALA's Board of Directors continues to lead the effort to define the Association’s identity for the purpose of ensuring it remains a relevant and vital membership organization in the future. The goal of this initiative is to: 

Define a clear, compelling organizational identity that reflects who/what the Association represents and that effectively focuses its programs, services and activities.

We need your input!

We invite you to take 5–10 minutes out of your day to complete the survey below. This survey strives to uncover answers to key questions like: Who are we today? What do we want our Association to look like in ten years? Who will be our members? Who won’t be our members?

 SurveyClick here to start.

The survey will be open until August 14. 

Thank you for your time and feedback!

As the ALA Board of Directors, we are excited to kick-off the first major initiative related to the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, an initiative that directly ties in to ALA’s positioning as the undisputed leader in the business of law. 

With that, we want to personally invite you to be a part of Goal #1, Defining Our Identity.

Since 2008, the legal industry has experienced dramatic and historic change. We have seen unprecedented law firm mergers and acquisitions; increased demands by corporate clients for greater efficiency, transparency, and cost control; the rise of new organizations providing legal services; rapid changes in technology; the creation of new legal management roles; and the introduction of the largest living generation into the workforce. To help legal management professionals conquer these new challenges, the Association of Legal Administrators adopted an ambitious strategic plan to position ALA as the undisputed leader in the business of law. 

A defined identity provides a lens with which to interpret ALA’s activities. It provides understanding about what needs ALA will address and those it will not. Lastly, a defined identity serves as a concrete point of comparison between ALA and other associations, enabling ALA to compete more effectively in the association marketplace, and with its products and services.

There are multiple potential outcomes from defining the Association’s identity, including but not limited to:

  • A clearly articulated vision of the Association’s brand attributes, focus (membership, benefits, products, services, etc.), values and desired positioning
  • Development of a new organization name
  • Development of a new organization logo and/or brand image for existing name
  • Realigned membership structure
  • Realigned program strategy, including member benefits, products and services
  • Realigned communication strategies

Identity Process - click to download PowerPoint slides

Identity Focus Group - click to download PowerPoint slides