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Our Legal Management Talk podcast keeps you in the know while you’re on the go. Most episodes are less than 30 minutes long so you can learn about a specific legal management topic as you make your way throughout your day. 

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Previous Episodes

  • Getting the Most Out of AI, Part 1

    In the first of our two-part conversation with Kriti Sharma, Chief Product Officer of Legal Tech at Thomson Reuters, we discuss some of the latest ways artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving in the legal space, such as by simplifying research and administrative tasks, as well as how to avoid some of the common AI pitfalls like hallucinations. But don’t worry! The robots aren’t taking over our jobs just yet. After all, they still need us to tell them what to do.

    Published Feb 13, 2024

  • The Attorney Journey: Succession Planning

    No attorney wants to think about what happens when they stop practicing, but it’s crucial to have those conversations now. Debbie Foster, Partner at Affinity Consulting, joined Legal Management Talk to discuss how to bring up those difficult conversations and why it’s important to not only your firm, but your clients, to have a solid plan in place in case a lawyer retires or has to stop working.

    Published Jan 19, 2024

  • Legal Management Talk's 2023 Year in Review

    2023 has been an exciting year for LMT, and we wanted to celebrate by compiling some of our favorite moments from the year’s episodes. Check out snippets from our conversations that covered legal ops, mental wellness, AI and much more. If you want to hear more from these episodes and others, be sure to go to, ALA’s Youtube channel, or download episodes wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for watching and listening! Have a Happy New Year, and stay tuned for all new episodes in 2024!

    Published Dec 26, 2023

  • The Employee Experience

    In this episode, we talk about the parts of leadership that can impact an employee’s connection and experience at your firm. Christine Wilbur, MBA, Associate Executive Director, Orange County Bar Association and a member of PDAC, discusses what prospective or existing employees really need. We cover how to get your staff showing up as their best selves each day so they can feel connected to their work and see how it fits into the firm’s overall purpose.

    Published Dec 20, 2023

  • Embracing Neurodiversity in Legal

    Neurodiversity — especially ADHD — is quite prevalent in the legal industry, but few know how to address it. Casey Dixon of Dixon Life Coaching and Krista Larson of Stinson LLP joined Legal Management Talk to discuss Stinson’s new program to promote well-being among attorneys and staff with ADHD, as well as what firms can do to help make life easier for employees with executive function disorders.

    Published Nov 20, 2023

  • Mental Health: Shifting the Conversation from Stigma to Support

    So many of us struggle with mental health challenges, and admitting it isn’t cause for shame. The fact is, conversations about mental health need to continue in order to dismantle the stigma attached to it. We do just that in this episode with ALA Past President James Cornell, Director of Office Administration at Shook, Hardy & Bacon. James opens up about his own recent mental health struggles and shares his thoughts on why burnout is so prevalent in the legal industry. Plus, we discuss what you can do if you suspect a colleague is struggling.  

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    Published Nov 1, 2023

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