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Foundation of ALA’s 2024–2026 Strategic Direction

Educate, Mentor, Inspire

The mission of the Foundation is to help educate, mentor and inspire current and future legal management professionals in inclusive ways that foster the development and increase awareness of the legal management profession within the legal industry and our communities.

Questions About the Foundation?

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ALA Foundation Strategic Direction Engagement
Engagement: Draw people into the Foundation to enhance their overall experience within ALA. Interacting with the Foundation is easy, fun and meaningful. Information about the Foundation is readily available, consistent and visible. Donors are consistently recognized and appreciated.
ALA Foundation Strategic Direction Impact
Impact: Expand the value and scope of all initiatives so the ALA community and other key audiences know who we are and what we do. Build relationships with organizations to promote the Foundation’s initiatives. Increase opportunities for participation in the Foundation’s initiatives. Cultivate a culture in which members, business partners, and program participants are able to form lasting connections with the Foundation.
ALA Foundation Strategic Direction Endurance
Endurance: Shape and define a legacy that others will recognize and remember by honoring the past and celebrating the future. Create opportunities to honor those who have made meaningful contributions to ALA. Build robust governance policies and procedures to strengthen the Foundation’s organizational structure and capabilities. Ensure that the Foundation remains vibrant and future-focused
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