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Organizational Pricing FAQs

What is organizational pricing?

Organizational pricing is an optional flat-fee dues structure designed for legal organizations of different sizes based on their total number of attorneys worldwide. The benefit of organizational pricing is that it allows the organization to have unlimited additional eligible employees from multiple locations join ALA for a flat fee once they meet a minimum threshold.

How do I know if my organization is eligible to participate in organizational pricing?

Based on your organization’s total number of attorneys worldwide, determine the minimum number of members your organization must have in order to participate in organizational pricing. If your organization meets the minimum threshold, it is eligible to participate. Should your member count fall below the minimum during the year, your participation in Organizational Pricing will not be affected. ALA headquarters staff will share regular reminders to review your roster to be sure you meet the minimum before re-enrolling for the following year. Review the dues table on this page to confirm your eligibility.

The full details about organizational pricing are available at

How does an organization enroll in the organizational pricing program?

Organizational Pricing opens August 1. Members have to complete an enrollment form or a reenrollment form by September 30 each year letting ALA know that their organization will participate in the program. Upon enrollment, ALA converts membership type and links all current locations and members. A Primary Contact person is identified who will act as the administrator for the entire organization. They can add members at any time throughout the membership term. Participating organizations pay a single dues rate for an unlimited number of members. Organizational dues billing statements will be available to the Primary (or designated billing) Contact in the member’s ALA profile area. Payments are due by January 1 of the membership year. Initial organizational applicants with no current ALA members will be activated upon dues payment. The roster of members based on current membership data is visible to the Primary contact logged in through their ALA profile on

How can I join ALA if my organization is already enrolled in organizational pricing?

Before becoming an ALA member for the first time, you should verify whether your employer is already enrolled in organizational pricing by contacting your employer’s primary contact person or ALA’s Membership Department at [email protected]. If your employer is enrolled, you will apply for membership under the organization, via the primary contact. If your employer is not enrolled in organizational pricing, you may apply for organizational pricing on behalf of your employer (as authorized) or choose to join as an individual member.

How does an organization manage its ALA membership roster?

Each organization will identify one person who will be responsible for serving as the organization’s primary contact, and may identify an additional person to manage the annual dues billing. The primary contact will be asked to update their attorney count and membership roster on a regular basis, and invite any eligible employees to join ALA. They will also be able to flag members of their organization who are no longer employed with the organization. This will allow ALA to make the necessary adjustments to the member profile.

How will ALA verify an organization’s attorney count?

Upon initial enrollment in organizational pricing, an organization will indicate its total worldwide attorney count to ALA. During annual renewals, the organization may be asked to confirm the current attorney count. ALA reserves the right to audit the attorney count.

What about employees based outside the United States?

Organizational pricing is based on worldwide attorney count. Employees at all offices within the organization, regardless of location, are eligible to be ALA members under the organization

Can an organization be a member of ALA?

No, the individual is still considered the member as outlined in ALA’s Bylaws.

Will all the employees of an organization automatically become members of ALA?

No, a primary contact for each organization will manage its ALA member roster, notifying ALA which of their employees will be included in their organizational pricing group. Individuals who join ALA and are employed by a participating organization will be added to the organization’s roster with notifications sent to the member and the organization's primary contact.

Will dues be prorated for partial-year enrollment?

No, organizational pricing dues rates are not prorated.

Will the organizational pricing model allow support staff such as legal administrative assistants (LAAs) to join ALA?

Anyone with an interest in legal management may join ALA. The complete membership eligibility requirements can be found at

Are individuals able to join ALA or renew their membership independently of an organization?

Yes, eligible individuals are able to join ALA if their employer is not participating in the organizational pricing program.

How will ALA chapters be notified when members in their area join ALA?

ALA headquarters have provided all chapters with a URL to access their member roster and prospect list at any time. Your prospect list includes active members that have not yet joined your chapter, but have opted in to hear from you,  The list is sorted by join date — we recommend checking at least once each week to see if a new member has joined.   Chapter membership is always optional and is not included as part of the organizational pricing program.

Is ALA membership portable under the organizational pricing model?

Yes, ALA membership is portable under the organizational pricing model for both the organization and the individual member. Should an individual leave their employer, the organization retains unlimited additional membership opportunities and may encourage additional individuals to apply at any time. The departing individual would also retain their ALA membership through the end of the calendar year, even if they do not immediately transition to another enrolled organization.

Why were changes made to the structure of the organizational pricing program?

The Organizational Pricing program launched in 2020. Since that time, ALA has been evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the program on members, participating organizations, and the Association. After analyzing four years of data, ALA’s Board of Directors and headquarters staff determined that making adjustments to the structure was necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the program and enhance ALA’s ability to deliver programming and services at a high level that aligns with the Strategic Direction.

How does this impact members chapter dues?

Chapter dues structures are established by the individual chapters. ALA headquarters does not have oversight or influence over how chapters establish their dues.

Have more questions?

If you have additional questions, you can direct them to [email protected] or +1 847-267-1252.

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