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Organizational Pricing Program

Enrollment Now Closed

The enrollment period for our Organizational Pricing Program is now closed. We’ll update this page when it's open. In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to our membership team with any questions. 

About Organizational Pricing 

Our Organizational Pricing Program is a dues model that’s based on the total number of attorneys across an entire organization, including all office locations in any country. Through this program, you have the ability to extend ALA membership to all qualified legal management professionals within your firm who can benefit from ALA’s resources — without any additional dues payment required.

Plus, your firm and the employee maintain their membership even if there is a personnel change. For example, if an enrolled employee leaves your firm, you can add a new person in their place any time throughout the term. The employee who leaves your firm also carries their ALA membership with them to their new position for the duration of the membership. Everyone benefits!

How else will this option benefit your organization? Here are some of the top features to consider:

  • Allows you to extend ALA member benefits to an unlimited number of qualifying employees.
  • Gives enrolled employees access to ALA’s wealth of resources, including professional development opportunities.
  • Supports development of next-generation leaders.
  • Creates efficiency through a single payment by the organization.

Dues Structure

The Organizational Pricing Program dues are based on international attorney count and organization type:

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Group 1

  • Law Firm (U.S. and International)
  • Consultant/Consulting
  • Chapter Management Company/Management Consultant

Group 2

  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Bar Association
  • Government Legal Department/Judicial Agency/Court
  • College/University

International Attorney Count
Group 1 Pricing (USD) Group 2 Pricing (USD) Minimum No. of Members Required to Participate in Org Pricing
0 to 14
15 to 24
25 to 34
35 to 49 $1,400
50 to 74 $1,950
75 to 99 $2,450
100 to 149 $3,150
150 to 199 $3,850
200 to 299 $4,750
300 to 399 $5,600
400 to 499 $6,500
500 to 699 $7,700
700 to 899 $8,950
900 to 999 $10,150
1,000 to 1,299 $11,550
1,300 to 1,599 $12,950
1,600 to 1,999 $14,550 $1,250
2,000 to 2,999 $16,500 $1,250
3,000 to 3,999 $18,000 $1,250
≥4,000 $20,000
Individual membership remains an option! Learn more.

How It Works

Example 1: Your law firm has 24 attorneys. Your firm supports professional development for staff and is currently paying $950 for two employees to benefit from ALA membership. However, if your firm switched to the Organizational Pricing model, you’d pay $875 and be able to enroll an unlimited number of qualifying employees as ALA members. 

Example 2: Same scenario as Example 1, but you’re a bigger firm with 150 attorneys and 10 ALA members. Switching to the Organization Pricing models nets you a savings of $900. (Total individual dues for the 10 members are $4,750 but are reduced to $3,850 through Organizational Pricing.) 


Open enrollment for the Organizational Pricing Program takes place annually from August 1 to September 30 for the upcoming membership term starting January 1. The primary contact for each organization will indicate the organization's participation during this window for the following year, prior to the beginning of the individual membership renewal cycle that begins annually, typically in October. 

The Organizational Pricing dues billing statement will be available in the primary (or designated billing) contacts online ALA Profile within 5 business days from the date of re-enrollment. Payment is due by January 1 of the current membership year. Initial organizational applicants with no participating ALA members will be activated upon dues payment.

Organizational Pricing participants may add new members at any time throughout the active membership term. Initial organizational applicants may add members after activation even if this is prior to January 1. 

Terms and Conditions

For the fine print details, be sure to check out our terms and conditions.

Justification Tools

Need help communicating to your organization why they should consider supporting ALA membership through organizational pricings? We're here to help. Check out these Justification Tools to help you build your case.

Still Have Questions?

Check out our Organizational Pricing Program FAQs or reach out to our membership team at +1-847-267-1585 or [email protected].

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