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From webinars to our premier in-person event, our Annual Conference & Expo, we welcome pitches for presentations. You can also let ALA know about a speaker you've seen and would recommend for a future conference. 

Speaker Guidelines

We are excited that you decided to be a speaker for an ALA event or program and will be sharing your expertise with our audience. These speaker guidelines will help ensure that your presentation is tailored to legal management professionals and work within our credentialing guidelines. 

PowerPoint Templates

Need an ALA PowerPoint template? Choose from our four options.


As a speaker, do I get complimentary access to the conference?

Yes, you are eligible for a complimentary registration, which includes:

  • Access to all general and breakout educational sessions.
  • Access to online conference speaker materials.
  • Admittance to the special events — Welcome Reception, Exhibit Hall Reception and the closing function.
  • Admittance to the Exhibit Hall.
  • Access to conference breakfasts, lunches and refreshment breaks.

What audiovisual equipment will be available in the conference rooms?

ALA will provide a projector, screen, laptop (on which your presentation will be preloaded), podium and podium microphone, and a wireless microphone.

Do I need to use my own laptop for my presentation?

No, a laptop will be available for use in your session room. If you prefer to use a Mac, you will need to bring your own laptop and the relevant adaptors. 

When will I be able to set up for my presentation?

It depends on if a session is slated before yours in the same room. Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your session start time so our AV company can assist you with set up. 

Who will introduce me?

Session Managers, who are ALA member volunteers, are assigned to each session. They will introduce you and be available throughout your session should you need assistance. 

How will the conference presentation materials be made available to conference attendees?

The presentation materials will be posted on the conference app prior to the conference. Additional handouts/supplemental materials will be posted immediately after conference. 

Will hard copies of my presentation materials/handouts be available in the session room?

Presentation materials are posted on the conference app prior to the event. Attendees WILL NOT be provided with paper copies to refer to during your session. ALA will copy and distribute in-session exercise instructions or worksheets necessary for attendees to have during the session if they are submitted by the presentation materials deadline.

When are my presentation and/or handout materials due?

Presentation materials/handouts are due approximately four weeks prior to the conference. 

Is there a preferred format for my presentation materials?

We require that you prepare and submit your PowerPoint slide show using one of our ALA templates. 

If I am to receive a stipend or reimbursement of expenses, when will I be paid?

Within two to three weeks after the event. The week after the conference, ALA will process payments and a check will be mailed to the address you’ve provided in your speaker agreement.

If I am to receive a complimentary hotel room, when will I receive my hotel confirmation number?

You will receive a hotel confirmation number from ALA staff about one to two weeks before the conference. 

Will I receive a copy of my session evaluations?

Yes, all speakers will receive a copy of their evaluations approximately one month after the conference.

What other information do I need?

Check out ALA's Speaker Guidelines. It’s a great resource to assist you as you plan your presentation. It details how best to provide information for legal management professionals in accordance with our standards.

Questions About Speaker Proposals? 

Email us at [email protected] for more details or to send your proposal directly to us. 

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