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The Virtual Effect on Law Firms with Etan Mark

  • Etan Mark
  • Jul 30, 2021

In this episode, we discuss the effect of the pandemic-era virtual environment on everything from law firm culture and creative downtime to client billing and access to justice. Is the future virtual? Or will in-person activities return with a vengeance? For our guest, Etan Mark, hybrid is the best of both worlds for attorneys, staff and clients.

Speaker Bio

Etan Mark is a founding partner of Florida boutique litigation law firm Mark Migdal & Hayden. With more than 15 years of experience as commercial litigator, he serves clients in multiple jurisdictions involved in complex business disputes. His clients include public and private companies, real estate developers, investors and owners, tech entrepreneurs, gaming operators, family offices, hotels and banks. Etan has been ranked by Chambers & Partners USA in commercial litigation for several years. 

Mark began his legal career working as a business and securities litigator at a top 10 American Lawyer “Big Law” firm in New York. Since leaving New York for more ... challenging sea levels, he has become a devotee of alternative value propositions focused on efficiency, collaboration and bespoke service (that are sometimes hard to come by in “Big Law”). Mark worked as a law clerk to a federal district court judge in Miami, where he gained an insider’s view on effective advocacy. Following his clerkship, he owned and was the CEO of a company that leveraged the global marketplace by outsourcing certain legal services to top attorneys and other legal service providers in India. Prior to founding MM&H, Mark was a partner at Berger Singerman’s Miami office and manager of the firm’s Dispute Resolution team.