Making Mental Health Matter with Bella Sterling, MS, MA

  • Bella Sterling, MS, MA
  • Mar 12, 2021
The cover story of March's Legal Management is "Making Mental Health Matter," a candid account from Immediate Past President James L. Cornell III's recent struggles with mental well-being. This article also serves as a continuing education (CE) course — it's filled with information about the state of mental health in the legal industry and how legal management professionals can take care of themselves and their staff.

This podcast episode features a source from that article, Bella Sterling, MS, MA. The mental health counselor explains why seeking therapy can be so hard and dispels a number of myths.

If you'd like to earn a CE credit for CLM, HRCI or SHRM, simply read the article and then take a self-paced interactive course that walks you through a model scenario — the first of its kind for Legal Management!

Speaker Bio

Bella Sterling, MS, MA, is a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She is a Resident Counselor in Virginia, seeing clients at the private practices of DC VA Counseling and Falls Church Wellness. Bella specializes in trauma, relationship issues and family counseling.