Legal and the Metaverse with Dan Atcheson

Dec 1, 2022

In this episode, Dan Atcheson of Jenkins Wilson Taylor and Hunt, PA, discusses the growing use of the metaverse in the legal industry. Learn about how some firms are already renting space in the virtual world to meet with clients and how the metaverse is becoming more conducive for firm operations. Atcheson also offers his thoughts on how government regulation will be required to prevent crimes such as assault and battery from occurring in the metaverse. (Yes, it can happen there, too!) 


Speaker Bio: 

Dan Atcheson has held various roles in his 20-year legal management career and is currently the Firm Administrator at Jenkins Wilson Taylor & Hunt, P.A., a boutique intellectual property firm located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He is currently the Chair of ALA’s Professional Development Advisory Committee and is also an active member of the Raleigh-Durham Chapter. Atcheson has a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University and a law degree from the University of Maryland.