Building an Inclusive Workplace with Terry Isner

Jun 15, 2023

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture can put your firm ahead of your competition in both recruitment and business development. Terry Isner, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Jaffe PR, joins us to discuss what that looks like in action and share his experience as a gay man working in the legal industry. Tune in for his insight into how to encourage your employees to bring their whole selves to work, especially in circumstances such as client pitches and meetings. 

Speaker Bio: 

Terry M. Isner is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Jaffe PR and a marketing philosopher, brand consultant and dynamic speaker for the professional services industry. Isner fulfills a niche as a business strategist with an extensive background as an award-winning creative director and artist. He helps preserve brand equity by helping firms adapt to these changing times and sharing their unique stories in creative ways across multiple channels, including print, digital and social media. He also uses his passion and expertise to empower marketers to be effective agents of change within their own organizations and help drive their firm’s sales, branding and culture.