C4 The Legal Industry Conference



C4 The Legal Industry™ Conference

October 28, 2020
Intercontinental San Diego
San Diego, California

NOTE: Registration will be open in the spring. Check back for updates as the full conference schedule is released.

IMPORTANT: There is an additional cost for this pre-conference, which will be taking place prior to Master Class: Pricing & Profitability

C4 The Legal Industry™ Conference    October 28, 2020 – San Diego, California

Connect with your peers TO

Collaborate about the issues that keep you up at night, THEN

Create solutions to those issues AND

Change the issues into win/win solutions that you develop from members in like-sized firms.

The Future of Law in a Post-Coronavirus World

A Full-Day, Highly Interactive Program Designed Especially for Law Firm Management Professionals.

This dynamic, high-level program provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn with and from your peers.

As the world emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic, law firms of all types and sizes have made and will continue to make dramatic changes in the ways they do business. Some of these changes ― closed offices, closed courts and postponed transactions ― are mostly short-term in nature. Others ― change, risk, process improvement, remote working, flexible technology, consolidation, competition and communication ― represent an acceleration of long-term trends impacting the legal profession.

 As we look forward, some firms are adapting smoothly and efficiently. Others are struggling mightily. This session will address what’s next.


During ALA’s 2019 C4: The Legal Industry Conference, attendees broke into design-thinking groups using the methods of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing. This problem-solving method is critical for practitioners to find improvements to legal service delivery, become more innovative and increase collaboration across the legal ecosystem. Within their groups, they answered four “how might we” positioning questions and came up with solutions. This booklet contains the results of their design-thinking solutions.

Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities 

ALA encourages its business partners to get involved at this high-impact event. Any business partner interested in sponsorship, please contact Robert Leighton, Manager, Business Development, for more information.