Legal Management Specialist Certificates

ALA Legal Management HR and Finance Specialist Certificate Programs

Earning ALA’s Legal Management Specialist Certificates will increase your professional standing by demonstrating your knowledge and capabilities in one of the most crucial areas of law firm management.

Legal Management Finance Specialist Certificate

Completing the FM 1 and FM 2 courses and passing the certificate exam will help you deepen your knowledge about law firm finances, ensure your achievement of the learning objectives, and give you a credential that sets you apart.

Legal Management Human Resources Specialist Certificate

Completing the HR 1 and HR 2 courses and passing the certificate exam will help you deepen your knowledge about law firm human resource management, ensure your achievement of the learning objectives, and give you a credential that sets you apart.

How do I earn the certificate?

After successfully completing either both HR courses or both FM courses, you will gain FREE access to the certificate program. You will have six months after completing HR 2 or FM 2 to review the material from both courses and take an online exam to earn your certificate (one retake is allowed).

If you have successfully completed both HR or FM courses and are ready for the exam, go to, log in, and go to My Dashboard. If you see Legal Management FM or HR Specialist Certificate Exam, click on this to proceed. If you registered for a package of courses, scroll down to My Packages and then select Legal Management FM or HR Specialist Certificate Exam. Good luck!

Do I have to participate in the certificate program to successfully pass the web-based courses?

No, the instructor-led, web-based courses each have assignments and quizzes that must be completed to pass. The Legal Management Specialist Certificates are offered at no additional cost as an option for those who want to enhance their learning experience after completing the required courses.

What is the time frame?

HR 1 and HR 2 or FM 1 and FM 2 must be successfully completed within a 24-month period. Participants will have six months from the end of HR 2 or FM 2 to pass the comprehensive exam with a score of 70% or higher.

Do I need to purchase additional course materials?

No, materials from the courses already taken will be used as references for the exam. No new content will be introduced. You will have access to the course materials until your access to each course ends. It is advisable to make note of when your access ends so you can download the materials.

Note that the HR courses do require participants to purchase The Big Book of HR by Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem.

When will I gain access to the exam?

Once you complete the requirements for both HR courses or both FM courses, you will be given FREE access to the certificate exam.

For additional FAQs on the courses, click here.

Certificates vs. Certifications

PurposeProvides education or training and assesses whether an individual has achieved the learning objectives.Assesses knowledge, skills and abilities that have already been acquired—usually through a combination of employment experience and diverse educational experiences.
Eligibility RequirementsUsually there are not eligibility requirements to participate in a certificate program.Usually has both experience and education requirements to be eligible to take the certification exam. There are typically requirements to maintain a certification, such as participating in continuing education and paying renewal fees.
Recognition of AchievementCertificates are awarded and individuals can list the credential on their resume and social media profiles. No acronym or letters are used after the recipient’s name to reference the certificate.Certified individuals can use an acronym after their names (for example, David Johnson, CLM) to communicate their significant professional accomplishment.

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