• Jun 30, 2022

    Payment Processing with Kevin Gallagher

    In this episode, Kevin Gallagher of AbacusNext discusses the newest trends in payment processing and how the legal industry is adapting to those changes. In addition, learn about how to keep client data safe and whether firms are really starting to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

    Speaker Bio

    Kevin Gallagher is General Manager, Payments at AbacusNext, a leading software and integrated payments solutions provider.  In this role, he drives the automated payments strategy in AbacusNext practice management platforms — including Zola Suite, AbacusLaw, Amicus Attorney and OfficeTools. Kevin brings over 25 years of experience in the payment industry to the role and is an expert in building and scaling private equity-backed payment and SaaS companies. 
    • Dec 17, 2021

    Legal Workflow Trends for Midsize Firms with Eric Wangler

    This episode features Eric Wangler of BigHand discussing his company's latest report on legal workflow trends for midsize firms. It’s based on data from a survey of hundreds of law firm operations, HR and support professionals in North America.

    You can find the report, Legal Workflow Trends for Mid-Size Firms, on BigHand’s website.
    Other materials mentioned during this episode:

    Speaker Bio

    Eric Wangler is President of the North American business unit for BigHand, a legal technology company specializing in products that maximize attorney and support staff efficiency in law firms. With more than 20 years of experience in the legal industry, Wangler previously served as Vice President of Ricoh’s legal vertical segment.


    • Nov 5, 2021

    Compensation and Benefits Trends with Phillip Perry

    In this episode, we discuss Phillip Perry's analysis of the trends found in ALA's 2021 Compensation and Benefits Survey and 2021 Large Firm Key Staff Compensation Survey.

    Speaker Bio 

    Phillip M. Perry is an award‑winning business journalist with over 20 years of experience under his belt. A three‑time recipient of the American Bar Association’s Edge Award for editorial achievement, Perry freelances out of his New York City office. His byline has appeared over 3,000 times in the nation’s business press.

    • Jul 30, 2021

    The Virtual Effect on Law Firms with Etan Mark

    In this episode, we discuss the effect of the pandemic-era virtual environment on everything from law firm culture and creative downtime to client billing and access to justice. Is the future virtual? Or will in-person activities return with a vengeance? For our guest, Etan Mark, hybrid is the best of both worlds for attorneys, staff and clients.

    Speaker Bio

    Etan Mark is a founding partner of Florida boutique litigation law firm Mark Migdal & Hayden. With more than 15 years of experience as commercial litigator, he serves clients in multiple jurisdictions involved in complex business disputes. His clients include public and private companies, real estate developers, investors and owners, tech entrepreneurs, gaming operators, family offices, hotels and banks. Etan has been ranked by Chambers & Partners USA in commercial litigation for several years. 

    Mark began his legal career working as a business and securities litigator at a top 10 American Lawyer “Big Law” firm in New York. Since leaving New York for more ... challenging sea levels, he has become a devotee of alternative value propositions focused on efficiency, collaboration and bespoke service (that are sometimes hard to come by in “Big Law”). Mark worked as a law clerk to a federal district court judge in Miami, where he gained an insider’s view on effective advocacy. Following his clerkship, he owned and was the CEO of a company that leveraged the global marketplace by outsourcing certain legal services to top attorneys and other legal service providers in India. Prior to founding MM&H, Mark was a partner at Berger Singerman’s Miami office and manager of the firm’s Dispute Resolution team.

    • Jun 25, 2021

    Building a Trans-Inclusive Workplace with Ames Simmons

    This episode discusses how legal organizations can create an inclusive workplace for transgender employees and potential recruits. The measures suggested in this episode by Ames Simmons (he/him) of the National Center for Transgender Equity will also foster a welcoming environment for clients and community members. 

    Check out resources like:

    Also, you can look forward to the following sessions this October at ALA's 2021 Annual Conference & Expo in Austin, Texas:

    • LGBTQ 101 for Legal Administrators
    • LGBTQ: Allies and Inclusivity in the Workplace
    • You Belong Here: Creating an Inclusive Environment Where Everyone Belongs
    • A Law Firm Built for 2021 and the Future: Examining Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and Barriers to Implicit Bias

    Speaker Bio 

    Ames Simmons (he/him) is a queer white trans man serving as Policy Director at National Center for Transgender Equality. He provides vision and direction for NCTE’s policy strategies and approach, including federal and state advocacy to achieve NCTE’s mission of empathy, opportunity, and justice for transgender people. His work is grounded in community-based antiracism, antiviolence and antipoverty efforts.

    His previous roles include Policy Director at Equality North Carolina and Assistant General Counsel at a healthcare company assisting uninsured patients with Medicaid. Ames received his bachelor’s in political science and Spanish from Agnes Scott College, and he earned a Juris Doctor degree from Emory University Law School. Ames holds a senior lecturing fellowship at Duke University School of Law.

    • Mar 12, 2021

    Making Mental Health Matter with Bella Sterling, MS, MA

    The cover story of March's Legal Management is "Making Mental Health Matter," a candid account from Immediate Past President James L. Cornell III's recent struggles with mental well-being. This article also serves as a continuing education (CE) course — it's filled with information about the state of mental health in the legal industry and how legal management professionals can take care of themselves and their staff.

    This podcast episode features a source from that article, Bella Sterling, MS, MA. The mental health counselor explains why seeking therapy can be so hard and dispels a number of myths.

    If you'd like to earn a CE credit for CLM, HRCI or SHRM, simply read the article and then take a self-paced interactive course that walks you through a model scenario — the first of its kind for Legal Management!

    Speaker Bio

    Bella Sterling, MS, MA, is a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She is a Resident Counselor in Virginia, seeing clients at the private practices of DC VA Counseling and Falls Church Wellness. Bella specializes in trauma, relationship issues and family counseling. 
    • Nov 20, 2020

    Law Firm Life After COVID-19 with Monique Mahler — Sponsored by Jelly Marketing

    This episode of Legal Management Talk is brought to you by Jelly Marketing. Jelly’s free Solutions Series webcast, What Can You Expect and What Should You Pay Your Marketing Vendors?, is happening Tuesday, December 1. Sign up here.

    Monique Mahler polled her fellow ALA members about what their firms are planning in the post-COVID-19 landscape, questioning them about everything from remote work policies to the future of their real estate footprint. Read more in the November/December Legal Management cover story, “Law Firm Life After COVID-19.” 

    Mahler’s research project is for her master’s thesis at the University of Denver Strum College of Law. A scholarship from the Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators helped fund her studies.

    Speaker Bio

    Monique Mahler is the HR Manager for BakerHostetler’s Houston and Dallas offices. She is the first recipient of the Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators’ Student Legal Career Scholarship. Mahler received a bachelor’s in sociology from the University of Houston – Downtown. She will obtain her master’s degree in legal administration from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law in May 2021.

    • Oct 26, 2020

    Redefining the Markers of Success with Monica Wofford, CSP

    Monica Wofford, CSP, joined the podcast to walk us through the newest Legal Management continuing education course, “Where Are Your Markers?” She argues that re-evaluating how you mark your success can make you a more effective leader. Reading the article is enough to gain some insights, but if you complete a short assessment afterward, you can also earn a CE credit.

    Legal Management CE courses offer a quick and easy way to earn CE credits, particularly for hard-to-find topic areas like Ethics and Substance Abuse. As such, they’re particularly useful for Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® recertification. Whatever you use them for, it’s simply a matter of reading an article and completing a short assessment. Learn more here.

    Speaker Bio

    Monica Wofford is a leadership development coach, consultant and keynote speaker. As Chief Executive Officer of the training and consulting firm Contagious Companies, Inc., she and her team assist organizations and their management in developing powerful skills in leadership. She’s the author of Contagious Leadership and Make Difficult People Disappear. She has also been a frequent speaker at ALA’s national conferences and chapter events. Since March 2020, she has had the privilege of consulting as the Interim CEO of a two-county United Way nonprofit.

    • Oct 21, 2020

    Previewing ALA's Virtual Master Class with Kathy Gruver, PhD

    Speaker Kathy Gruver, PhD, is presenting two education sessions at the ALA Virtual Master Class: Critical Skills for Legal Management Success:

    • CM10: Welcome and Opening Session: Conquer Your Stress: Go from Worrier to Warrior
    • CM12: How to Get Anything Done with Anyone

    She joined the podcast to preview these sessions and discuss the importance of "soft skills," which are often devalued in favor of "hard skills." Register now for the virtual conference, happening on October 29!

    Speaker Bio

    Kathy Gruver, PhD, has graced stages on four continents — including two TEDx talks, three cruise ships and a handful of islands. She hosts a TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, and has earned her PhD in natural health. Gruver is the 12-time award-winning author of seven books, including Conquer Your StressWorkplace WellnessConquer Your Stress at Work and Journey of Healing. She has studied at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and has spent most of her life studying psychology and human behavior. Gruver has been featured as an expert in countless publications and has appeared on over 250 radio and TV shows. For fun and stress relief, Gruver does fly trapeze.

    • Sep 25, 2020

    Authentic Diversity: Changing the Workplace for Good with Michelle Silverthorn

    Diversity and inclusion consultant Michelle Silverthorn is a former columnist for ALA's Legal Management magazine and a speaker at past conferences, including the Brezina session at the 2019 Annual Conference & Expo. Now, with her own company and a brand-new book under her belt, she rejoins ALA to discuss the current state of diversity, inclusion and equity and whether a permanent shift is coming to the workplace.

    You can read an excerpt from Michelle's book, Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good, in the next issue of Legal Management, which is out on October 9. Visit her website to find out how to purchase the book

    Read past Legal Management columns by Michelle here. In this episode, she mentions the Nice White Parents podcast and the Mansfield Rule. Listen to that podcast here and read more about Mansfield Rule here.

    Speaker Bio

    Michelle Silverthorn is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inclusion Nation, a diversity consulting firm that partners with forward-thinking organizations to design authentic, inclusive workplaces built for success. A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School, she lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters.

    • Sep 21, 2020

    Working Around Micromanagement with Jill Maganza-Ruiz

    In the September cover story of Legal Management, "Working Around Micromanagement," we learned how a tough employee-manager relationship can make work unbearable. Jill Maganza-Ruiz, a senior human resources and talent executive for the largest firm in the United States, joined Legal Management Talk to provide some additional advice for both managers and employees.

    Speaker Bio

    Jill Maganza-Ruiz is a senior HR/talent executive with more than 20 years' experience in the legal industry. She is currently the HR Director for Dentons US LLP and is based in the firm’s New York office. Jill has been a member of ALA since 2006. 

    • Aug 17, 2020

    Establishing and Maintaining a Wellness Program with Krista Hart

    ALA member Krista Hart discusses how and why she established a wellness program for staff and attorneys at her firm, Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel. She also talks about how the program has had to adapt to the new normal of a remote workforce with many additional COVID-19-inflicted challenges.

    Look for Krista's "Tough Topics" column in the September 2020 issue of Legal Management. In the meantime, check out these existing ALA resources:

    Speaker Bio

    Krista Hart is a Firm Administrator who is dedicated to assisting the Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel attorneys and staff with all their workplace needs. Motivated by the belief that employees are the No. 1 asset of a firm, Hart sees her role as crucial to maintaining Panitch Schwarze’s workplace culture. She currently serves as President-Elect of Association of Legal Administrators’ Philadelphia Chapter.

    • Aug 17, 2020

    The Value of Continuing Education with John Jakovenko, CLM, SPHR, MBA

    ALA member John Jakovenko, CLM, SPHR, MBA, chats about the importance of continuing education in the professional development of staff in a law firm or legal department. After all, the lawyers do CLE, don't they?

    Jakovenko is the instructor for ALA's HR-themed web-based courses, which delve deep over six weeks into the knowledge needed for success as a legal management professional. You can register now for HR2: Performance Management and Compensation, which begins on September 17, 2020.

    Speaker Bio

    John Jakovenko, CLM, SPHR, MBA, is the Firm Administrator at Sparks Law, LLC, in Alpharetta, Georgia. His career spans two decades and includes leadership roles in human resource departments in law firms in Los Angeles and Atlanta. He is also an adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University, teaching courses on human resources.

    • May 26, 2020

    Leadership During Uncertain Times with Brianna Leung

    GrowthPlay Consultant Brianna Leung returns to the podcast to discuss her recent Legal Management cover feature about change, which turned out to be a prescient topic as the COVID-19 pandemic alters our professional and personal lives.

    Read the article, "Leading Through Change," and take a short exam if you'd like to earn a continuing education credit. You can hear Leung's last appearance on the podcast here.

    Speaker Bio

    Brianna Leung is a Principal Consultant with GrowthPlay, where she leverages talent analytics to help legal professionals drive innovation and change within their organizations.

    • May 26, 2020

    Marketing and Managing Law Firm Expenses After COVID-19 with Ross Fishman, JD

    Ross Fishman, JD, expands on his recent Legal Management column about avoiding slashing all marketing costs due to the COVID-19-related business downturn ("The Top 5 Budget Items Law Firms Will Try to Slash in Response to COVID-19"). Instead, he advocates for hustling for new business, emphasizing busy practice areas and focusing your spend where it counts in order to stay competitive.

    Fishman's newest books can be found on Amazon: The Ultimate Law Firm Associate's Working-From-Home Marketing Checklist and The Ultimate Law Firm Partner’s Working-From-Home Marketing Checklist.

    Easter egg: See if you can count how many times the host's dog insists her squeaky toy is more important than this interview. Working from home!

    Speaker Bio

    Ross Fishman, JD, specializes in branding, websites and marketing training for law firms. A former litigator, marketing director and marketing partner, he has helped hundreds of firms dominate their markets. Fishman was the first inductee into the Legal Marketing Association’s “Hall of Fame.” He’s written seven marketing books, which are available on Amazon.

    • Apr 13, 2020

    Wellness Strategies During the Pandemic with Lance Breger

    Lance Breger joins us to talk about how to handle team-building, negative emotions and wellness as we deal with remote work and major stressors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Visit ALA's Coronavirus Response webpage for more resources.

    Speaker Bio

    Lance Breger is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infinity Wellness Partners, where he helped create a WorkLIFE Wellness Program and Executive Coaching Program. His company partners with forward-thinking executives, organizations and industries around the world to spread holistic health throughout the corporate landscape to make wellness a priority in the workplace every day.

    • Apr 13, 2020

    Three Types of Operational Excellence with Rob Mattern

    Rob Mattern discusses information governance, outsourcing and back-office efficiency as they relate to his latest educational offerings for the ALA audience.

    Learn more from Rob through an upcoming webinar, The Getting to Zero Strategy, and his column in the March issue of Legal Management, "The Efficiency of the Attorney Experience in Your Firm’s Back Office."

    Speaker Bio

    Rob Mattern, MBA, is President and Founder of Mattern, LLC. Mattern has been widely published, including recently in the The Wall Street JournalLaw Technology News and Legal Management magazine. He is an editorial board member of Law Journal Newsletters’ Accounting Financial Planning for Law Firms.

    • Mar 27, 2020

    Cost Recovery for E-Discovery and Litigation with Rob Mattern and Nathan Curtis

    Rob Mattern and Nathan Curtis discuss Mattern, LLC's first-of-its-kind survey about law firm cost recovery for e-discovery and litigation support.

    Find the survey here. Learn more from Rob through his column in the March issue of Legal Management, "The Efficiency of the Attorney Experience in Your Firm’s Back Office."

    Speaker Bios

    Rob Mattern, MBA, is President and Founder of Mattern, LLC. Mattern has been widely published, including recently in the The Wall Street Journal, Law Technology News and Legal Management magazine. He is an editorial board member of Law Journal Newsletters’ Accounting Financial Planning for Law Firms.

    Nathan Curtis, IGP, is a Consultant at Mattern, LLC, where he is focused on emerging technologies and their application in the legal environment, driving results through Mattern’s customized RFP process, and overseeing service, technology and policy implementations. He is also a Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

    • Mar 27, 2020

    Supporting Associates into Becoming Rainmakers with Stephanie Hanna

    Stephanie R. Hanna, Esq., the Founder of professional coaching firm The Other 85, discusses how to retain talented associates, teach them the ways of business and set them on a path toward rainmaker status.

    Stephanie is speaking at ALA's 2020 Annual Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her Legal Industry/Business Management education session is titled Building Rainmakers: How to Help Set Up the Next Generation for Success. View the session description here.

    Speaker Bio

    Stephanie R. Hanna, Esq., is the Founder and Owner of The Other 85. She has been coaching law students and attorneys for the past decade — helping them navigate the profession, build their reputation and develop their careers. Having been a prosecutor, judicial staff attorney, solo practitioner, magistrate and law firm associate, Stephanie understands the dynamics at play in each environment.

    • Mar 23, 2020

    Coronavirus-Related IT and Remote Work Concerns with Michael Kemps

    We spoke with IT consultant Michael Kemps about managing the remote workplace and keeping IT systems afloat as law firms and legal departments revise work-from-home policies in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    He's a featured source in the Legal Management article "Surviving COVID-19: Tips for Managing a Healthy Workforce and Keeping Your Clients Informed." You can find more resources on ALA's Coronavirus Response webpage.

    Speaker Bio

    Michael Kemps is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., where he cultivates relationships with clients and partners and, with his management team, provides leadership, strategic and ethical direction and oversight of company operations.

    • Mar 2, 2020

    Succession Planning for Administrative Managers with Cynthia Thomas

    Cynthia Thomas discusses how to protect your law firm's operations by succession planning not only for attorneys but also for administrators. She is speaking at ALA's 2020 Annual Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her Human Resources Management education session is titled Don’t Let Institutional Knowledge Walk Out the Door: Succession Planning for Administrative Managers.

    View the session description here, and make sure you're registered for the May 3–6 event.

    Speaker Bio

    Cynthia Thomas is the Interim Operations Manager at A to Z Law and Owner of PLMC & Associates, a law firm management consulting company that provides best practices in human resources and staffing. She is the Associate Editor of the editorial board of Law Practice and the Co-Vice Chair of the ABA LP Lawyer Leadership and Management Committee. She often writes articles on and is invited to speak and conduct presentations focusing on law firm staffing of the future and lean staffing.

    • Mar 2, 2020

    Adding Apps to Your Toolkit with Anna Cates Williams, JD, MBA

    Anna Cates Williams, JD, MBA, shares her thoughts about improving efficiency by increasing your app use. She is speaking at ALA's 2020 Annual Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her Operations Management education session is titled Apps and Social Media: A Firm Administrator’s Toolkit.

    View the session description here, and make sure you're registered for the May 3–6 event. As she mentions in the podcast, you can reach out to Anna with questions via LinkedIn.

    Speaker Bio

    Anna Cates Williams, JD, MBA, is the Executive Director of Walker Lambe, PLLC, a boutique estate planning firm in Durham, North Carolina. She drives marketing, operations and financial initiatives for the firm. Williams has a diverse work history in law firm marketing and operations. She began practicing law with a healthcare start-up in Nashville, Tennessee, where she worked within the legal procurement team, negotiating alternative billing strategies as the client. She later moved into business development and management with a leading legal staffing and recruiting organization, where she partnered with large firm marketing and practice development teams delivering e-discovery and managed services solutions.

    • Dec 9, 2019

    Resolving to Balance the Scales in 2020 with Brianna Leung

    Brianna Leung of GrowthPlay talks about New Year's resolutions for the busy professional. She wrote “Resolve to Balance the Scales in 2020,” the Business Partner Perspective column for the January issue of Legal Management. That issue will be published January 10.

    Speaker Bio

    Brianna Leung is a Principal Consultant with GrowthPlay, where she leverages talent analytics to help legal professionals drive innovation and change within their organizations.

    • Dec 2, 2019

    The Changing Role of Law Firm Leadership with Jennifer Hill

    Staffing expert and recruiting consultant Jennifer Hill talks about the conclusions she reached and action items she detailed in her white paper for ALA, “The Changing Role of Law Firm Leadership.” You can also read her previous white paper, “The Changing Role of the Legal Secretary.”

    Speaker Bio

    Jennifer Hill is President of JHill’s Staffing Services, a Division of Marcum Search LLC. She began recruiting in 2003 and has recruited for top-tier law firms and corporations throughout the United States. Hill also hosts a weekly radio show on LA Talk Radio, “Get Yourself the Job,” for more than 30,000 listeners a month; she interviews experts and authors from around the world about landing one's dream job.

    • Oct 15, 2019

    The State of ALA with Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE

    ALA Executive Director Oliver Yandle joins the podcast to talk about how conferences are going and discuss what your Association has planned for the future.

    Here are reference links for some of the things Oliver talked about:

    Speaker Bio

    Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE, is Executive Director of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), the largest international organization providing support to people in the legal management profession. Before joining ALA in July 2012, he served as the Executive Vice President of the Commercial Law League and the Executive Director of the International Association of Defense Counsel. He also was an adjunct instructor of legal analysis and writing at the Washington College of Law at American University.

    • Jul 1, 2019

    C4: The Legal Industry Conference with Dan Lear

    Dan Lear, a speaker and facilitator for September's C4: The Legal Industry™ Conference, discusses the event, design thinking and the legal industry challenges attendees will tackle.

    The conference will occur September 18–20 in Boston, Massachusetts. The registration deadline for the early bird rate is August 5. Sign up now

    Dan Lear is a lawyer, blogger and legal industry gadfly. As a technology-focused business lawyer, Lear advised companies from start-ups to the Fortune 100. He has spoken at marquee legal technology events including ILTACON, LegalTech, ReInvent Law New York, ABA TechShow, CodeX FutureLaw at Stanford Law School, and many others. From 2014 to 2018, Lear worked as the Director of Industry Relations at the online legal marketplace, Avvo, where he spoke frequently to lawyers, bar associations and other legal groups. Find him at rightbrainlaw.co or @rightbrainlaw on Twitter.
    • Jun 12, 2019

    The 2019 Large Firm Principal Administrators Retreat with Three of the Planners

    A few of the conference's planners — Kim Cannon, David Miceli and Teresa Walker — go over the details of the 2019 Large Firm Principal Administrators Retreat, including some important changes to the format. This year, the annual event will focus less on classroom-style instruction and more on idea exchange among attendees.

    The retreat is happening in Nashville, Tennessee, August 1-3, and eligible legal management professionals are encouraged to register now! Sign up by June 27 to get the discounted early bird rate.

    Speaker Bios

    Kim Cannon is the Chief Operations Officer at Bass Berry & Sims PLC in Nashville, Tennessee. She serves as Chair of the 2019 Large Firm Retreat Planning Committee. Kim is also a member of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ALA.

    David Miceli is the Executive Director of Balch & Bingham, LLP, in Birmingham, Alabama. He serves as the Chair of the Large Firm Administrators Caucus Steering Committee and thus functions as a liaison to the 2019 Large Firm Retreat Planning Committee. David is also a member of the Birmingham Chapter of ALA.

    Teresa Walker is the Senior Adviser and Chief Operating Officer, Emeritus, at Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP, in Nashville Tennessee. She has been a leading member of the Large Firm Administrators Caucus for many years. Teresa is also a Past President of ALA, Vice Chair of the Professional Development Advisory Committee and a member of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ALA.

    • Jun 12, 2019

    Discussing "No Stone Unturned" with Nadean Stone, CLM, MBA

    ALA member Nadean Stone, CLM, MBA, describes what it’s like to publish her first book, titled No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey to Identity. She talks about translating painful experiences into a memoir and how her professional background and network of legal management professionals inspire her to keep fighting for justice.

    Speaker Bio

    Nadean Stone, CLM, MBA, is the author of No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey to Identity as well as a legal management consultant. She is a member of the South Florida Chapter of ALA and divides her time between South Florida and Vermont.
    • Sep 10, 2018

    Early Career Legal Managers with Sarah Antonello, Danita Jones and Suzy Klepac

    ALA members and Administrators Sarah Antonello, Danita Jones and Suzy Klepac have conceived a new way to support early career legal managers: the First Five Community. A part of ALA's Online Community, this members-only forum will provide a space for asking questions, sharing solutions and networking.

    As mentioned in the episode, the Legal Management article about the Capital Chapter president can be found here.

    Speaker Bios

    Sarah Antonello is the Office Administrator of Husch Blackwell LLP in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a member of the Nebraska Chapter.

    Danita Jones is the Legal Administrator at Chubbuck Duncan & Robey, PC, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is the Treasurer of the Oklahoma City Chapter.

    Suzy Klepac is the Office Administrator at Kirk & Chaney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is the President-Elect of the Oklahoma City Chapter.

    • Sep 4, 2018

    Transitioning to a Paperless Law Office with Lori Hughes

    Lori Hughes, a panelist for a session at September's Intellectual Property Conference for Legal Management Professionals, talks about how she transitioned her own office to a paperless, cloud-based storage system.

    Speaker Bio

    Lori Hughes is a member of the ALA Board of Directors as the Region 5 Director and has been an ALA member since 2002. Hughes has been with Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP in Portland, Oregon, for 26 years and is the Lead Operations and Information Security Officer. She managed the firm’s “less-paper” initiative and move to its first electronic records system — updated to a cloud solution for records in the past two years — and continues to manage the Records Department as part of her current responsibilities.