Tackling Difficult Conversations with Julie Holunga, MBA, PCC, and Margee Fawley

Apr 24, 2023

In this episode, Leadership Trainer Julie Holunga, MBA, PCC, and Margee Fawley, Chief Talent Officer at Davis, Graham & Stubbs, LLP, sit down with Legal Management Talk to preview their presentation — “Mastering the Art of Influencing Difficult Conversations” — at ALA’s upcoming Annual Conference. Hear their take on how remote work has affected the ability to talk about serious topics with your employees and how to address the professional development gap that has taken hold among partners and associates. We also talk about recent TikTok trends, such as quiet quitting and “bare-minimum Mondays,” and what they mean for office productivity. 

Be sure to attend Holunga’s and Fawley’s presentation at ALA’s 2023 Annual Conference & Expo in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday, May 10, at 1:30 p.m. Pacific. If you haven’t registered for Annual Conference yet, there’s still time! Visit alanet.org/conf23 to learn more.  

Speaker Bios 

Julie Holunga, MBA, PCC, is a Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach with Chinook Executive Solutions, which guides professional service firm leaders to elevate their influence and authority. She is a Global Master Trainer with Emergenetics®, facilitating teams to create a more engaging culture, stronger collaboration and meaningful communication. Holunga’s work with Harvard Business School, Fortune 500 companies and top professional service firms gives her a unique perspective for the future of female leadership. 


Margee Fawley is the Chief Talent Officer at Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP. She has more than 20 years of experience championing law firm attorney talent management strategies, especially as they relate to professional development and DEI initiatives. She works closely with her firm’s leadership to design and direct processes to maximize culture and collaboration. Fawley ensures alignment of the firm’s commitment fostering a more diverse, inclusive, equitable profession and community. Her efforts have helped secure Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP’s national recognition for advancing gender parity.