Practice Management + AI + Knowledge Management + Workflow Automation
ZenCase is the only Practice Management software product that incorporates AI, Knowledge Management and has workflow features not found in other Practice Software. ZenCase was one of the first Practice Management products to incorporate OpenAI’s ChatGPT, called ZenGPT. ZenGPT allows users to quickly draft documents or conduct legal research. Knowledge Management allows firms to retain and easily access corporate and attorney knowledge, insights and key information, even if an attorney leaves the firm. Workflow Automation is highlighted by ZenCase’s Document Automation capabilities (called Document Blueprints) where documents can be created with matter and contact details in just several clicks, and Task Automation (called Task Blueprints) which allows firms who manage similar cases or processes repeatedly to copy the project flow (tasks), including the assigned resources, dependencies (successor/predecessor status). Task Blueprints is a unique feature to ZenCase.

Created by Law Professionals to Solve the Problems Facing Law Firms
ZenCase understands how legal professionals work and their biggest pain-points because the ZenCase CEO, TJ Faser had been a practicing Attorney, Partner and Managing Partner for 25 years and the ZenCase Chief Administrative Officer has been a Legal Administrator and Paralegal for over 15 years. Many other products were created by those outside of the legal industry.

Next Generation, Cloud-Based Legal Practice Software that Makes EVERYONE’s Job Easier
Recently developed, so ZenCase improves on software in the past.  ZenCase is built on an API architecture so it can integrate with other products. It has an easy, consistent interface (1 click to most actions) and not a series of products purchased and cobbled together. ZenCase is Cloud-based - running on Amazon Web Services, so it’s secure, fault tolerant and fast.

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    Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad (DSBC) Case Study

    Practice Management

    Shows Cali Walsh Case Study

    Practice Management
    Legal Tech Publishing ZenCase Review

    Legal Tech Publishing ZenCase Review

    This is a 3rd party review conducted in November 2022 of ZenCase from Legal Tech Publishing, the author of the annual Buyer's Guide.


    Practice Management
    Automated Time Managerâ„¢
    Automating Tasks - Creating Task Blueprints
    Creating the Perfect Document (Document Automation) in ZenCase
    I Love Time & Billing
    ZenGPT in Action
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    Next Generation, Cloud-Based Law Practice Software that Makes Everyone's Job Easier

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    • ZenCase Dashboard Example/Home Screen
      ZenCase Dashboard Example/Home Screen

    • Another ZenCase Dashboard Example/Home Screen
      Another ZenCase Dashboard Example/Home Screen

    • Matter Screen Showing Gantt View of Matter Tasks
      Matter Screen Showing Gantt View of Matter Tasks

    • Matter Screen Showing Files Tab and netdocuments integration
      Matter Screen Showing Files Tab and netdocuments integration

    • Report Library
      Report Library

    • Automated Time Manager™
      Automated Time Managerâ„¢